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Subex Azure is an IT company founded by Subhash Menon in 1992 with an aim to provide OSS (Operations Support System) solutions for telecom operators on a global basis. Subex Azure is known to possess 150 installations across 60 countries.

In terms of revenue, Subex Azure is renowned for having an extensive customer base that includes 32 of the 50 most significant telecom operators.

Subex Azure is structured into 3 unique business units, as given under:
  • Revenue Maximization Solutions BU
  • Fulfillment and Assurance Solutions BU
  • BT Business BU
Subex Azure innovated the slogan 'Powering the ROC' where ROC stood for Revenue Operations Center. The company persistently follows this dictum which precisely signifies a centralized and unified infrastructure for detailed observance, measurement, and control of the operator's revenue structure. The main objective of following the slogan is basically to foster adroitness and flexibility in the company's functionality in order to sustain its profitability.

Subex Azure was known as Subex Systems in earlier times and it was mainly a telecom hardware integrator. It was in 1999, that it decided to focus on telecom softwares and in 2000 Subex Azure garnered an amazing US$ 2 million in revenues. It was then that Subex Azure started commanding a formidable presence in the IT industry by making 7 transferred properties worth over US$ 300 million that brought revenue worth US$ 80 million to the company. Along with organic growth, Subex Azure has now reached revenues of up to US$ 100 million and aspires to become a US$ 1 billion company 5 years down the line.

Cost-effectiveness is known to be one of the biggest advantages delivered by Subex Azure. It believes in providing better and speedy service at reasonable prices through efficient operations. The engineers working at Subex Azure are well-trained so that they can update themselves regularly and come up with pioneering and much advanced technologies to meet the requirements of their customers and also give them instant feedback. Subex Azure is highly committed towards its quality and under no circumstances does it compromise with the same.

The customers of Subex Azure are classified under 3 broad units:
  1. The Americas
  2. EMEA
  3. APAC
The company's registered office is at Bangalore, India within the Mahalaxmi Layout which is mentored by Subhash Menon, the CEO of the company. The corporate office is also situated at Bangalore's Sarjapur Road at Koramangala 3 Block. The company has its branches in India, USA, UK, China, Canada, and Singapore.

On September 3rd, 2007, Subex Azure won a major Tier I OSS contract in North America along with 2 new customers. In mid 2003, Menon conducted a face-to-face meeting with his management team where he discussed the strategies to be implemented in order to extend business, increase revenue, and enhance the company's position in the highly-developed markets. This concept was classified under 3 phases:
  • Phase 1 - Get into the FMS space and slowly enter the highly-developed markets. Subex therefore bought Mantas and the Fraud management divisions of Light Bridge and Alcatel with US$ 8.7 million.
  • Phase 2 - Get into the FMS firms and here Subex bought the Azure Solutions with US$ 140 million.
  • Phase 3 - Subex bought Syndesis for US$ 164.5 million and left FMS to get into service fulfillment.
Subex Azure is now ready to go in for Phase 4 and is aiming high to be among the top 5 within 3 years and raise its portfolio product.

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