Subhash Projects and Marketing Ltd.

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Subhash Projects and Marketing Ltd. (SPML) has gained astounding fame in its integrated engineering services worldwide and it is also an ISO 9001:2000 certified company with 25 years of experience in large-scale Turnkey projects in the public and private sectors.

SPML is a ` 4000 million company and has its offices in various locations across India. Along with the offices at Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Bhopal, Patna, and Guwahati, SPML also has access to remote cities and territories.

Subhash Projects and Marketing Ltd. started its career in the industry with an objective to become a global force in the infrastructure. SPML follows a set of code of laws to attain its goal:
  • Rendering world-class projects
  • Equal involvement of the employees
  • Incessant implementation of the state-of-the-art technology
  • Acceding to strategic coalitions
  • Satisfying the requirements of customers
  • Sustaining a genial affiliation with the associates

SPML Projects has good deal of experience in multi-disciplinary engineering projects and some of the most leading SPML projects and businesses are:
  • Water-management
  • Eco-friendly power generation
  • Power-transmission and distribution
  • Environmental engineering
  • Infrastructure development
  • Engineering consultancy and services
Subhash Projects and Marketing Ltd. has had a marked increase in net profit from ` 11.49 crore to ` 13.74 crore in 2006. This led to revenues of ` 7.09 crore. SPML is working hard in expanding SPML services in the environmental engineering sector. The shareholders of the company have promised to issue 81,63,265 equity shares very recently at a sum of around ` 245 per share.

At present, the company is handling projects worth ` 2400 crore that has to be instrumented within next 2-3 years. SPML services have also decided to spend ` 750 crore in renewable energy projects over 5 years in order to expand its growth. Recently, SPML has grabbed a few power projects worth ` 309 crore. These again include projects worth ` 220 crore to be carried out for Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Ltd. and Hubli Electricity Supply Co. Ltd. in Karnataka. Another project of ` 89 crore is being implemented by SPML for the Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. in Bihar.

The areas of operation of SPML projects are broadly classified under 3 categories respectively:

Water Management -
  • Water supply
  • Cross-country pipelines
  • Irrigation
  • Waste-water treatment
Power Projects -
  • Electrical distribution
  • Hydro power
  • Wind power
Infrastructure -
  • Highways and roads
  • Bridges
  • Civil construction
Subhash Projects and Marketing Ltd. handles its own company and the promoters and associates of SPML hold 75% of the accumulation. The Board of Directors consists of 8 members:

  1. Mr. Anil Sethi, Chairman
  2. Mr. Subhash Sethi, Vice-chairman and MD
  3. Mr. Sushil Sethi, MD
  4. Mr. R.L Gaggar
  5. Mr. B.B Chakraborty
  6. Mr. Deepak Sethi
  7. Mr. K. Mukhopadhyay
  8. Mr. A. Bhattacharya

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