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Tata Chemicals, an ISO 9001-14001 certified company, was set up in 1939 and is India's largest producer of inorganic materials. Apart from manufacturing inorganic materials, Tata Chemicals also produces fertilizers and food add-ons.

Tata Chemicals Limited (TCL) has an annual turn over of ` 2,500 crore and also holds a crucial position in Tata Group which has a turnover of ` 65,000 crore (US$ 14.25 billion). In India, TCL has its headquarters in Mumbai and the inorganic production unit at Mithapur in Gujarat.

Tata Chemicals is almost synonymous with its manufacture of pure salt. The salt produced by Tata Chemicals has 99.8% purity which is supposed to be the highest percentage of salt-purity in India. Apart from pure salt, TCL is also well-known for being one of the leading producers of synthetic soda-ash across the world. The state-of-the-art branch of Tata Chemicals is at Babrala in Uttar Pradesh. This branch of TCL has gained popularity in energy efficiency in the field of environmental preservation and safety by producing urea. Another crucial production of TCL is DAP/NPK as it is only manufactured by Tata Chemicals at its complex at Haldia in West Bengal. The Haldia complex of TCL produces materials which surpasses 1.2 million tons per annum. The substances produced by this unit of Tata Chemicals are known by the brand name Paras and it has occupied a dominant status in the markets of West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Bihar. This Haldia unit of phosphate fertilizers has been named as Hind Lever Chemicals Ltd. (HLCL) by TCL.

Latest Financial Figures(Figures in Rs. Crores)
ET 500 Rank(2011)66
Profit after Tax(PAT)653.47
MCAP (Market Capitalization)8009.25

Apart from salt, urea, and phosphatic fertilizers, Tata Chemicals Limited has separate industries which produce glass, paper, textiles, food extras, petroleum, refining, chemicals, dyes, pesticides, direct-farm applications etc. TCL made its presence felt in the international market by exporting synthetic soda-ash in south and south-east Asia, the middle-east, and Africa. Tata Chemicals Ltd. acquired an equal partnership in Indo Maroc Phosphere S.A (IMACID) along with Chambal Fertilizers. This is the foremost initiative taken by TCL to enter the global market. Tata Chemicals Ltd. believes in cost-effectiveness and thus known to be the lowest-cost manufacturer of soda-ash across the world.

Tata Chemicals Limited deals with the following sectors:
  • Chemicals
  • Food Extras
  • Fertilizers
The Chemicals Unit of TCL produces 875, 000 tons of soda-ash per annum which is nearly 34% of India's capacity. Tata Chemicals produces fertilizers of about 864, 600 tons every year. The Babrala unit of TCL is ranked among the best of its kind in India and the best in the world for maintaining a high-standard profile in technology, energy preservation, fertility, and safety. Branded salt and sodium bicarbonate are the two food substances manufactured by the food additives sector of TCL. These again have varieties listed below:

Branded Salt
  • Iodized Salt
  • Crystalline Salt
  • Vacuum Salt
  • Pure salt
  • Tata Salt
  • Tata Samundar
  • Topp Salt
Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Technical
  • Refined
  • Granular
Tata Chemicals Ltd. also provides the farmers a significant amount of agricultural facilities and also guidelines for a better harvest and production through 'Tata Kisan Sansar' which was established with an objective to provide agricultural services along with technological innovations. Tata Chemicals has taken over the Rallis Firm for management. Besides, Tata Chemicals Limited has also established a firm called Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development (TCSRD) for the benefit of the rural population.

Tata Chemicals religiously follows the principle of 'avoid, reduce, and recycle'. Safety in work processes is a priority for TCL. Excellent quality and customer satisfaction are the 2 main objectives of Tata Chemicals Limited, and with this aim in mind the company is working proactively to reach higher goals.

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