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Tata Tea, also popularly known as Tata-Tetley was set up in the year 1964 as a joint venture with an UK-based Company called James Finlay with the aim to manufacture and distribute value-added tea in India.

Today, Tata Tea Limited (TTL) is the world's 2nd largest manufacturer and distributor of value-added tea. The company is owned by the Tata Group in India and trades under 2 major brands: Tata Tea and Tata Tetley. Among these 2 brands owned by Tata Tea Company, Tata Tea is the largest brand in India whereas Tata Tetley is claimed to be the largest tea company in United Kingdom and Canada and also the 2nd largest in the United States in terms of volume.

Tata Coffee is also a subsidiary of Tata Tea Company and is considerably popular in USA. Apart from USA, Tata Tea has gained significant popularity in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, and Australia for its instant tea-making products and services.

Tata Tea trades its brands in 40 countries and owns 51 tea estates across India and Sri Lanka. In India, Tata Tea markets majorly in the states of Assam, West Bengal, and Kerala. In India, Tata Tea Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of Assam Tea and Darjeeling Tea and the 2nd largest manufacturer of Ceylon Tea. Some of the most renowned global tea companies owned by Tata Tea are Good Earth Teas and JEMCA, Czech Republic's most popular tea company. TTL, along with its brand companies produces around 70 million kilograms of tea in India and comprises of 10 tea blending and packaging factories.

Latest Financial Figures(Figures in Rs. Crores)
ET 500 Rank(2011)120
IndustryPlantations - Tea & Coffee
Profit after Tax(PAT)254.33
MCAP (Market Capitalization)5351.11

The activities of Tata Tea Limited include:
  • Research and Development
  • Tea Cultivation
  • Manufacture of Black and Instant Tea
  • Blending
  • Packaging
  • Branding
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Distribution
Tata Tea has 5 leading brands which have been trading successfully in Indian market till today. These include:
  • Tata Tea
  • Tetley
  • Kanan Devan
  • Chakra Gold
  • Gemini
A new brand has been launched by Tata Tea very recently and has been named Tata Tea Gold. Tata Tea Gold is a blend of fragrance and a rejuvenating taste. This brand of Tata Tea is claimed to be an upgraded form of the tea product and consists of 85% CTC and 15% long-leaf tea. The Tata Tea Group, along with all its brands contributes to around 86% of its total turnover and only 14% comes from bulk tea, coffee, and investment income. TTL has a 100% export-oriented unit which is KOSHER and HACCP certified. Apart from USA, this unit manufactures and distributes instant tea in Munnar, a state in Kerala, India. Tata Tea has as area of about 159 km sq. under tea production and also manufactures around 30 million kg of black tea every year.

Financial Statement for 2006-2007:
  • ` 445.6 million (June 2006) to ` 430 million (June, 2007) - a decline in net profit
  • ` 2,543.5 million (June 2006) to ` 2900.1 million (June, 2007) - 14.02% rise in net sales
  • ` 2655.8 million (June 2006) to ` 3038.5 million (June, 2007) - 14.41% rise in total income
  • The earnings per share of the company came to ` 7.06 for the quarter ended June, 2007.
Tata Tea has also contributed largely on social and community welfare development by offering free housing, health care, and other benefits. As a part of its welfare programs, TTL has also established hospitals, adult-literacy centers, child care centers, and schools to educate the children of nearly 34,000 employees. Tata Tea is the first Indian company to introduce the Annual Welfare Audit that is conducted by the WHO experts.

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