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Television Eighteen India is a Delhi-based media and entertainment company which is popularly known as TV 18. Television Eighteen India Ltd. was originally known as Television Eighteen India Private Limited and was formed under the Companies Act, 1956.

After a resolution was passed on November 2, 1994 the company came to be known as Television Eighteen India Limited on January 2, 1995. TV 18 is also India's fastest growing media and entertainment company. It is one of the leading news channels in India with an employee-strength of 3000 spread all over India in 30 bureau locations. The company also has 4 overseas branches.

Television Eighteen India Ltd. has set up a 125,000 sq. ft. of fully unified broadcast infrastructure that includes the state-of-the-art centers in Delhi and Mumbai. TV 18 is the only media and entertainment company in the whole world that has collaborated with the 2 most leading media companies. Television Eighteen India Ltd. has 2 business news channels, 1 general news channel, and 1 network channel.

Business news channels including CNBC-TV 18 and CNBC Awaaz have collaborated with NBC Universal - a USD 13 billion company. The general news channel owned by the company is CNN-IBN which is in partnership with Times Warner - the world's largest media empire. The network channel is IBN7 which is also a leading Hindi general news channel in partnership with the Jagran Group - owner of India's largest daily Hindi newspaper.

The main activities of the entire group of Television Eighteen India is to supply programming content on business and entertainment channels for broadcasting purposes. TV 18 has been growing quite rapidly since the past few years. The main sources for the company's revenues include the following:
  • Sale of advertising time
  • Displaying banner ads on the portal
  • Sponsorship contracts
  • Subscription revenue
  • Program revenue
  • Content licensing
  • Online Trading
  • Equipment rental
Television Eighteen India Company is one of those rarest Indian media companies which also have a web-strategy in its facilities. Taking this a step forward, the company has now decided to segregate the Internet ventures into a separate company with the aim to bring their value into limelight, explore their effectiveness, and draw in new investments. TV 18's web business has grown up to such an extent that it has drawn up a revenue of US$ 1.34 million (Rs. 6.03 crore) during the fourth quarter of the financial year 2005-2006 which is an increase of 6 times on the previous year's income of US$ 230,000 (Rs. 1.04 crore). TV 18 has started spreading its web business in the travel portal as well. In the last quarter, Television Eighteen India has earned a 50% share in an online recruitment portal. Of late, Television Eighteen India Ltd. has announced the opening of a new portal of unified home shopping network.

Television Eighteen India has witnessed a heavy growth of 86% on revenue earned in the 4th quarter of the year 2006 and reached the amount of US$ 13.1 million (Rs. 59 crore). The profit after tax for the same year was US$ 4 million (Rs. 18 crore) against US$ 770,000 (Rs. 3.5 crore) in the 4th quarter of 2004-2005. TV 18 is aiming high to become the best media and entertainment company not only in India but also internationally. Towards this, it has already entered into collaborations with some leading media companies abroad.

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