Torrent Pharmaceuticals

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Torrent Pharmaceuticals is a flagship company located at Ahmedabad (India). It produces Bulk drugs and compounds in the therapeutic areas of cardiovascular and central nervous system. Torrent Pharma has also entered areas like gastro-intestinal, diabetology, anti-infective and pain management systems.

Torrent Pharmaceuticals was set up in the year 1959 and was initially headquartered in Ahmedabad (India). Torrent Pharmaceuticals was derived from the name Trinity Laboratories Ltd. which was promoted by U. N. Mehta and now trades in 50 countries with more than 1000 product registration across the globe.

Torrent Pharma has drawn a revenue of 13.3 billion for the year 2007 and its net income for the same is 0.9 billion. TORRENTPH is a flagship company which manufactures Bulk drugs and compounds in the therapeutic areas with main concentration on cardiovascular and central nervous system.

Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited has six divisions for marketing and each division succumbs to the defined therapeutic areas. Torrent Pharma has established 22 new conceptualizations in the Indian market and 14 for the international market that includes Europe, Russia and Brazil. TORRENTPH has also launched a subordinate in Brazil and has stretched its focus on Russia and CIS countries during 2004-2005.

Latest Financial Figures(Figures in Rs. Crores)
ET 500 Rank(2011)289
Profit after Tax(PAT)270.17
MCAP (Market Capitalization)4757.11

Five fully owned subordinates of Torrent Pharmaceuticals are:
  • Torrent do Brasila - Brazil
  • Torrent Pharma Gmbh - Germany
  • Torrent Pharma Ltd. - Philippines
  • Zao Torrent - Russia
  • Torrent Pharma Inc - USA
Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited also started to export Lamotrigine to the EU market. Torrent Gujarat Biotech, the sister concern of Torrent Pharma, was established in 1992 in order to manufacture Penicillin through fermentation technology developed by the Torrent Group. TORRENTPH bears the R&D expense of ` 673.2 million (14.3% of the turn over). With regard to that, Torrent Pharma has launched a R&D center that deals with new chemical entities for vascular complications and metabolic disorders. Torrent Pharmaceuticals has also undertaken a project in partnership with AsiaZeneca. The company is also engaged in DPCO (drug price control orders - practiced on 24 drugs at present) which is run under three level of regulations which are: on Bulk drugs; on formulations; and on total profitability.

Financial Statement of Torrent Pharmaceuticals for 2006-2007:
  • ` 314.2 million (quarter ended June 2006) to ` 332.4 million (quarter ended June 2007) - 5.79% growth in net profit
  • ` 2111 million (quarter ended June 2006) to ` 2463.3 million (quarter ended June 2007) - 16.69% rise in net sales
  • ` 2111.6 million (quarter ended June 2006) to ` 2465.8 million (quarter ended June 2007) - 16.77% rise in total income
  • The earnings per share (EPS) of the company was ` 3.93 for the quarter ended June 2007
Of late, TORRENTPH accomplished a new bulk laxative in the form of tablets. The tablet Fibotab curbs certain kinds of diarrhea and it also works as a remedy for constipation. This drug trades for about ` 4 million and it is growing every year by 8%. Torrent Pharmaceuticals has a turn over of ` 566 crore and it employs more than 500 scientists. The company has gained a joint experience of around 2500 scientific man years in the fields of drug invention and development. At present, Torrent Pharma has five big projects in hand which comprise two projects in diabetes and related communications, one project for cerebro-vascular and two projects for obesity.

Torrent Pharmaceuticals has been a consistent performer in its area and with regard to that, it has been honored with the President's award for highest pharmaceuticals exports (of about ` 1570 million) in the year 1991-92. Apart from that, TORRENTPH has also received few more awards for its outstanding growth in the market. The company now is now concentrating to a big extent to the international market especially in the lucrative North American trade.

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