Petrol Price Hike in Ambala 2012

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The rising price of petrol in India it seems is a fact that we have to live with. The government of India has already capitulated against the problem expressing its inability to find a solution and laying entire blame on the market forces. The commoners can at the most protest in vain against the problem that is most likely to aggravate with time.

The price of petrol in Ambala in the month of January was 59.53 rupees. Following an increase of 4.04 rupees, the price of petrol in the city reached 63.57 rupees on 15th May 2011. The price of petrol then increased by 0.32 rupees on 1st July 2011.Petrol required people in Ambala to spend 67.06 rupees and 68.87 rupees for a litre on 16th September and 4th November respectively. The price of petrol decreased for the first time in the year on 16th November 2011 when petrol was available for 66.63 rupees. The current price of petrol in the city of Ambala is 65.85 rupees.

Last Updated on 05/25/2012