Petrol Price Hike in Pune 2011

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Cost of petrol in Pune during the beginning of the year was 63.18 rupees. In the month of May, price of petrol in the city increased by 5 rupees and created quite a controversy in the city of Pune along with rest of the country but people didn’t know at that moment that rising prices of petrol would become very fact of their life. Following an increase of 4.06 rupees, the fuel now required people to spare 72.24 rupees from their pockets. One other thing that increased along with the price of the petrol was the contempt and anger of people against the Government which was solely held responsible for the price hike. The price of petrol surged once again and reached 74.06. The masses had accepted rising price as a part of their life by now but were pleasantly surprised when price of petrol declined to 72.13 rupees in Pune. Following a yet another decline petrol in the city is available at present for 71.33 rupees.

Last Updated on 06/01/2011