Petrol Price Hike in Chandigarh 2012

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2011 has been a year of fluctuations in the price of petrol. The price of petrol has touched unprecedented heights quite literally. You don’t need to go much back in time, just browse the price of petrol for the year 2011 and you will find that the petrol prices have increased five times in the year.

The cost of petrol in Chandigarh in January 2011 was 59.07 rupees. After that the price of petrol kept on surging in Chandigarh along with the rest of India. The fuel required people of Chandigarh to spare a little more than 64 rupees between the months of May and September. Taking a hike of 3.21 rupees, the price of petrol was 67.70 rupees following 16th September 2011. The people of Chandigarh had to revise their fuel budget once again when petrol took a hike of 2.17 rupees on 4th of November 2011. The residents of Chandigarh had a sigh of relief, when the Petrol Price Graph finally showed downward sloping. Petrol is available in the city at 66.47 rupees at presents.

Last Updated on 05/25/2012