Petrol Price Hike in Gangtok 2012

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Even the North East of India which is otherwise considered remote could not remain isolated to the rising prices of petrol. Petrol, it seems, would soon be sold as a luxury item which only elite could afford. People have already minimized the use of their personal vehicles to save on money which in a way is a good step to curb pollution but it is not the solution to the problem of rising petrol prices in India.

Petrol in Gangtok was available at 57.77 rupees in the beginning of the year. The prices of petrol inflated by 4.83 rupees and reached 62.6 rupees in the month of May. The next hike in the price was in the month of July followed by that in September and November. Petrol was available for 62.88, 66.92 and 68.66 rupees respectively in these months in Gangtok. The price of petrol then finally steeped down to 66.54 rupees during the later part of November. You will have to spend 65.79 rupees for a litre of petrol in Gangtok at the moment.

Last Updated on 05/25/2012