Petrol Price Hike in Jaipur 2012

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The pink city Jaipur was already among the states where price of petrol was higher than other Indian states and the hike in the price of the fuel was like adding too much burden on the residents of the city. The cost of petrol in the city in the beginning of the year was 62.13 ` and till the time we reached the end of the year, one had to pay 69.82 ` for a litre of petrol. Transition of 6.69 ` was accompanied by lot of ups and downs in the price of petrol and lot of political drama. People were protesting and cursing the government for its inability to control the price rise in the country. The first increase in the price of petrol was that of 5.33 ` which made the price of petrol surge to 67.46 `. The price of petrol increased thrice again in July, September and November changing from 67.75 to 71.10 ` and finally reaching 73.02 `. The current price of petrol in the city is 69.82 ` after petrol decreased by 3.20 `.

Last Updated on 05/25/2012