Petrol Price Hike in Raipur 2011

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Ever inflating price of petrol kept the country worried this year. The price of petrol in the country kept on fluctuating throughout, mostly surging and finally declining towards the end of the year giving some respite to the people of India

New year 2011 brought with itself among other things, a curse of ever rising petrol prices. The price of petrol took a hike for the first time on 16th of January this year. Petrol was available for 59.89 rupees for the first five months of the year. The prices took a hike once again in the month of May and to get a litre of petrol, one now required to spend 65.12 rupees. The price of petrol varied once more and petrol was now available 65.40 rupees in Raipur. The prices inflated twice again in the year before finally taking a decline. The price of petrol was at its maximum on 4th November when it was available for 70.55 rupees in the city. The current price of petrol in the city is 67.42 rupees.

Last Updated on 12/6/2011