Petrol Price Hike in Pondicherry 2011

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Did the people of Pondicherry have any inclination that by the time year 2011 will come to an end they will have to pay 7.11 more rupees for a litre of petrol. The amount may be small to look at but if a person consumes 1000 litres of petrol in a year, he will have to pay 63730 rupees for petrol by the current rate as against 56620 rupees by the previous rate. Now, the difference of 7110 rupees does make a difference to an average Indian middle class family. Thus, the issue is definitely something to ponder upon.

The price of petrol inflated several times in the city of Pondicherry along with the rest of India this year. Starting from 56.62 rupees in the month of January, petrol reached 61.51 rupees in the month of May, 61.83 rupees in July, 64.90 rupees in September and 66.67 rupees in the month of November. After this, the price of petrol finally declined to 64.50 rupees in Pondicherry and current price of petrol in the city is 63.73 rupees.

Last Updated on 06/1/2011