Petrol Price Hike in Kohima 2012

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The amount by which price of petrol is rising it will soon become a commodity that will only be available to the elite of the society. Like other cities in India that have witnessed a price hike in petrol, so has Kohima.

The price of petrol in Kohima in January 2011 was 57.96 rupees. Price of petrol reached 63 rupees in the month of May in 2011. Following a hike of 0.28 rupees petrol was available for 63.28 rupees in the capital city of Nagaland. Price of petrol reached 66.45 rupees in the month of September. Taking a hike of 1.90 rupees, petrol reached 68.35 rupees on 4th November 2011 and this was the fifth time when price of petrol increased in Kohima along with the rest of India. The much awaited decline in the price came on 16th December 2011 when petrol was available for 66.11 rupees, 2.24 rupees less than the price at which it was available previously. The price at which petrol is available in Kohima at present is 65.32 rupees.

Last Updated on 05/25/2012