Petrol Price Hike in Imphal 2012

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Rising price of petrol concerned the people of Imphal as much as it worried the rest of India. People had to pay to different amounts for petrol several times in this year as petrol was not ready to settle at a fixed price. Frequent fluctuations in the price made it difficult for people to restrain their anger which was given vent to in form of protests against the government in several parts of the country.

People of Imphal began their year by paying 57.30 rupees for a litre of petrol. The price than increasing by 5 rupees reached 62.30 rupees on 15th May 2011. The trend continued with petrol price rising again in the month of July and 62.58 rupees was the new cost at which the petrol was available in Imphal then onwards to the middle of the month of September. Following 16th of September, a stop at the petrol pump required people of Imphal to spare 65.72 rupees. Next the price surged by 1.84 rupees before finally declining. Price of petrol on 16th November 2011 was 65.34 rupees. The current cost of acquiring a litre of petrol in Imphal is 64.56 rupees.

Last Updated on 05/25/2012