Aventis Crop Science India

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About Aventis Crop Science India

Aventis Crop Science India was initially formed by the merging of 2 other companies named M/s. Rhone Pulenc and M/s. Hoechst Schering AgrEvo. However, in the year 2002, the company was acquired by the Bayer CropScience.
With a range of pesticide molecules that comprise of mainly fungicides, herbicides, insecticides as well as regulators for the growth of plants, this company deals with the chemicals used for plant protection. For over 2 decades, many farmers in India have been using those chemicals satisfactorily.

Their quality products have provided long lasting solutions to several problems experienced by the Indian agricultural sector in terms of plant protection. They emphasize on the development of environment friendly new molecules that can be effectively used in the crop pest controlling. They even give high importance to the implementation of "Integrated Pest Management" concept on the agricultural fields. Bayer CropScience, mostly dealing with fertilizers and agrochemicals, is spread over 122 countries in the world and is divided into the following business groups:

  • BioScience
  • Crop Protection
  • Environmental Science
This company believes in contributing to the sustainable development of the protection of plants, which in turn helps them lead the market as well as be a global innovator.

Products and Services

Bayer CropScience in India, the new name for Aventis Crop Science offers an outstanding and extensive array of products and services so as to meet the modern agriculture and non-agricultural requirements. The various products of this company are mentioned within their categorized heads:

Fungicides: Antracol®, Arcado®, Aviator® Xpro, Baycoral®, Baycor®, Mikal®, Bayfidan®, Bayleton®, Baysiston®, Caddy®, Delaro®, Derosal®, Elite®, Exact®, Fenomenal®,

Herbicides: Actril®, Adengo® (Corn), Alion®, Alister®, Azur®, Becano®, Corvus® (Corn), Specticle™, Totril®, Velocity® (Cereals)

Insecticides: Admire®, Alanto®, Bariard®, Baycid®, Belt®, Bullstar®, CaLypso®, Certero®, Mesurol®, Mesurol® Pro, Monarca®, Muralla®, Oberon®, Proteus®, Provado®, Sevin® XLR Plus, Solomon®, Tamaron®, Temik ®5 G, Temik®10 G, Temik®15 G, Thunder O-teq®

Plant Growth Regulators: Cerone®, Camposan®1, Finish®, Ethrel®, Finish® 6 Pro, Prep®, Def®, Dropp®, Dropp® SC, Dropp Ultra®1, Dropp® Ultra

Seed Treatment: Aeris®, Amigo®, Ancla®, Audax®, Amparo®, Blindage®, Chinook®, El Hombre®, CropStar®, Escocet®

Head Office Address

Aventis Crop Science India, presently Bayer CropScience Limited is located mainly at the following location:

Bayer House,
Central Avenue,
Hiranandani Gardens,
Powai, Mumbai – 400 076,
Maharashtra, India.
Tel.: + 91 – 022 – 25711234
Official website : http://www.bayergroupindia.com/cropscience.html

Last Updated on 12/7/2011

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