Astra Zeneca Pharma

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About Astra Zeneca Pharma

Astra Zeneca India, a multi-national pharmaceutical company, aims at improving health of the present world. Their key contribution includes discovery, development, production as well as marketing of innovative medicines to cure some of the serious diseases prevalent in the world. With the motto that everyone gets connected by health, this company plays a key role in the pharmaceutical industry.

Astra Zeneca understands and addresses the varied customer requirements through their close working association with their stakeholders. The qualified professionals of the company make them achieve their goal of improved health by providing valued and quality medicines to the customers. The company even works in association with other Indian firms towards the delivery of medicines of high quality standards in both the national as well as international markets.

  • AstraZeneca operates in India with two of its subsidiaries -
  • AstraZeneca Pharma India Limited (AZPIL)
  • AstraZeneca India Private Limited (AZIPL)
with following responsibility areas/sectors -
  • Marketing (AZPIL)
  • Manufacturing (AZPIL)
  • R&D (AZIPL)
  • Pharmaceutical Development (AZIPL)
  • Global Sourcing (AZIPL)
  • Clinical Trials (AZIPL)
  • Informed Consent (Participating patients)

Products and Services of Astra Zeneca Pharma

Astra Zeneca Global manufactures several medicines, which serves numerous fields of the medical industry. The medicines manufactured by this company of India are categorized as follows:

Atenol, Avlocardyl, Betaloc ZOK, Brilique, Coleb-Duriles, Crestor, Imdur, Retard, Plendil, Pramace, Prenormine, Promocard 60 Durettes, Ramace, Seloken ZOK, Splendil, Seloram, , Tenormine, Toprol-XL, Unipril, Vesdil, Zestril, Nitract SR, Xparin, Valfect

Losec, Mopral, Nexium, Omepral, Prilosec

Merrem or Meronem, Enclere, Naropin

AscoTop, Avlocardyl Retard, Carbocaine, Citanest, Dociton, Diprivan, EMLA, Inderal, Inderalici, Inderal LA, Marcaine or Sensorcaine, Naropin, Seroquel, Xylocaine, Zomig, Zomig Nasal Spray, Zomigon, Zomig Rapimelt

Arimidex, Casodex, Cosudex, Faslodex, Iressa, Istubal, Nolvadex, Tomudex, Valodex, Zoladex
Accolate, Accoleit, Bambec, Bricanyl, Pulmicort, Oxeol, Oxis, Rhinocort, Spirocort, Symbicort, Vanticon

Combined Products
Lexxel, Logimax, Nif-Ten, Tenoretic, Turbuhaler, Unimax, Zestoretic

Apart from the above mentioned products of Astra Zeneca Pharma, this Indian company is even known for their different services, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Ethical research
  • Patient safety during clinical trials
  • Research on animals
  • Research on Tuberculosis

Head Office Address and Official Website of Astra Zeneca Pharma

The contact details of the head office of Astra Zeneca India, which is located at Bangalore, are provided below:
Post Box No. 2483,
Off Bellary Road, Hebbal,
Bangalore - 560 024, Karnataka,
Tel.: + 91 – 080 – 67748000
Official website :

Last Updated on 12/7/2011

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