Top Soft Drink Brands in India

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Soft drinks are become part and parcel of the Indian lifestyle. Be it children, the college kid or the middle aged Indian soft drinks are enjoyed by one and all in the country. Especially after the influx of a number of fast food joints in India soft drinks have gained more popularity. Food like pizzas burgers and French fries go hand in hand with soft drinks.

Gone are the days when a soft drink was enjoyed to the combat a sunny day. Today soft drinks are enjoyed with almost every meal that one has outside his/her home. Despite several issues that crept up regarding the ingredients used behind the manufacturing of soft drinks the market remained stable.

The soft drink industry in India is categorized on the basis of carbonated and non carbonated drinks. The carbonated drinks include flavors like cola, lemon and orange and the non carbonated drinks segment includes mostly mango flavors. The non carbonated segment includes fruit juices and squashes. The Top Soft Drink Brands in India are Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Thumps Up. The other popular soft drink brands in India include Fanta, Mirinda,7Up, Sprite Limca etc. In order to cater to all the segments of the society these top soft drink brands are available in numerous sizes.

Starting from the age old 300 ml glass bottles to the 200 ml ones to the recently launched 500 ml and 1liter plastic bottles soft drinks are available in almost every size desired by the consumer. The carbonated drinks account for almost 80% of the total sales of the soft drinks market in India.

Soft drinks do not only rule the urban markets they have successfully managed to penetrate the rural areas as well. Rural areas account for almost 75% sales of Pet bottles whereas the sales of 300 ml and 200ml bottles are higher in the rural areas.

Based on consumption patterns the soft drink market in India is classified into two segments. The first is On premise which means the place where the soft drink was bought and consumed. This includes places like railway stations, stand alone shops, restaurants and cinemas. The other one being In-House consumption which means soft drinks purchased and consumed at home. However in India the former beats the latter hollow. Outdoor consumption accounts for almost 80% of the total sales of soft drinks and indoor consumption accounts for the remaining 20% of the sales of the soft drinks market.

However the soft drinks market in India is still in its nascent stage as compared to countries like the USA. According to a report published in 2000 the per capita consumption of soft drinks in Indi was 5 bottles annually as compared to USA whose per capita consumption per annum stood at 800 bottles. Delhi happens to be the highest soft drink consuming region in India.

Top Soft Drink Brands in India

  • Coca Cola
  • Pepsi
  • Mountain Dew
  • Maaza
  • Nimbooz

Last Updated on 20/06/2011