Top Microwave Oven Brands in India

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India is reputed worldwide for its varied cuisines and Indians’ love for delicious food. But nowadays, with increasingly hectic schedules, busier lifestyles and demand for convenience and hassle-free cooking, people aren’t able to devote much time for cooking; therefore, microwaves have come as an aid for them, which help them do cooking quickly and with fewer hassles because of their multi-functional features and varied cook cooking options, including healthful ones.

Introduced a few years ago in India, microwave oven is among the fastest moving consumer durable product today. Initially when the product was launched, it took some time to gain a foothold in the Indian market; however, with the changing lifestyles of Indians, the product started finding its way into more and more Indian homes. Also termed as a wonder device, the microwave oven has lessened the burden of cooking specially for working women in India.

Initially, the concept of the microwave oven was not very well welcomed by the Indian masses. But over the last few years, there has been a tremendous growth in the sales of microwave ovens in India. Out of the Rs. 25,000-crore consumer durable market in India, the microwave oven segment is said to be the fastest growing.

The Indian market is flooded with some of the finest microwave oven brands, both national and international. These brands are designed keeping in mind the requirements of Indian consumers. Equipped with the latest user-friendly technology and smart features, the microwaves manufactured by the top brands in India are currently among the most popular consumer durable products.

Top microwave oven brands in India include LG Electronics, Samsung India, IFB and Kenstar. Together hold a total market share of about 61 percent. LG has been the undisputed leader for almost three successive years with a market share of 41.5 percent in 2014 followed by Samsung. IFB stands third with a market share of 9.8 percent and Kenstar holds a market share of 9.5 percent. Apart from these major brands, there are a host of other electronic brands in India that are trying hard to make a mark in the consumer durable market in the country.

List of Top 10 Microwave Oven Brands in India

Here is the list of the top microwave oven brands in India in terms of popularity:


LG Electronics is a South Korean consumer electronics giant founded in 1958 and headquartered in Seoul. It has considerable presence in the Indian market in almost all the segments of consumer durables. Microwave oven is another such segment of consumer electronics where this far eastern company dominates. LG microwaves are a combination of affordability and quality. The brand offers features such as stainless interior, multi-functional cooking and power convection.


Here is another major South Korean multinational consumer electronics player, founded in 1969 and based in Suwon, South Korea. Samsung, like LG, enjoys an enviable presence in the Indian consumer durables market and dominates in most. Samsung is one of the top most popular companies, even in the microwave oven segment. It utilises latest technology while manufacturing any of its products. One can avail great benefits having bought a Samsung microwave as it offers precision cooking, tandoor cooking, slim frying and steam cleaning. Samsung microwaves are available in convection, grill and solo variants.


IFB started functioning in India in 1974 but founded its home appliances sections as late as 1991 after the economic liberalisation of India. It is one of the top consumer durables companies that are currently active in the Indian consumer electronics market. It offers a host of models to its customers as far as microwave ovens are concerned. The microwave ovens manufactured by IFB carry attractive features like multi-functional cooking, fermentation, delay start, steam clean and deodorize to disinfect. Moreover, IFB assures long warranty periods to its customers.


Kenstar was launched in 1996 and started functioning in the Indian consumer electronic market. Its major focus is on kitchen appliances, of which microwave oven is an integral part. It has become a household name in India as it offers its products at affordable prices. Microwaves by Kenstar offer features like auto cook menu, multi-stage cooking, anti-bacterial coating, lemon clean function and ‘sensi’ grill.


Onida is an Indian consumer durables company founded in 1981 and headquartered in the financial capital of the country - Mumbai. It offers a host of variants in the microwave oven segment like others. Onida microwaves are available in four variants; namely, barbecue, solo, convection and grill. Onida offers microwave ovens that have features like 'calorie' meter, steam clean and auto cook.


Godrej microwave oven is a product from the consumer electronic section of the Indian multinational conglomerate – the Godrej Group, founded in 1897 and based in Mumbai. Great features, durability, stylish looks and customer satisfaction are what Godrej boasts of. It is one of the oldest and the most recognisable players in the Indian consumer durables industry. Godrej brings microwave ovens that have features such as jet defrost, insta cook menus, multi-functional cooking and auto deodoriser.


Perhaps the most common and the most renowned household name in India as far as the consumer electronic industry is concerned is Videocon. It was established in 1979 and has its headquarters in Mumbai. Microwave ovens from Videocon have features such as speed cooking, auto cook menus, jet start and steam clean. A Videocon microwave oven is available in solo, grill, convection and barbecue variants.


Whirlpool is an American multinational conglomerate dealing in consumer durables and electronics. It entered the Indian market in 1987 as a seller of compact washers. It gradually introduced a number of consumer electronics into the Indian market. Affordable prices and unique features make a Whirlpool microwave oven stand out. Microwaves from Whirlpool offer key features like auto cook menus, auto reheat, speed cooking and jet start. The three variants of microwave ovens offered by Whirlpool are grill, solo and convection.


Almost a century old Indian multinational company manufacturing consumer electronic products has to be there amongst the list of top microwave oven brands in India. It was founded in 1926 and is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Bajaj has a huge customer base in the kitchen appliances segment and is also a trusted manufacturer of microwave ovens. Bajaj microwave ovens offer features like easy jog dial, digital timer, keep warm, stainless interior and multi-stage cooking.


Electrolux is a Swedish multinational manufacturer of home appliances and consumer electronics founded in 1919 and based in Stockholm, Sweden. It has gained quite a big ground in the Indian consumer durables market and is one of the most popular home appliances brands in India. Electrolux microwaves have 360-degree clean, tandoor cook and auto cook features. They are available in convection, solo and grill variants.

Last Updated July 8, 2015