Top Desktop Computer Brands in India

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The Desktop PC market in India is by far ruled by some of the finest multinational corporation PC brands. These desktop computer brands have beaten the local PC brands hollow, be it in terms of sales, growth, or marketing activities.

The Desktops market is India is one of the largest. The top desktop computer brands in India include top notch multinationals like HP, Dell, Compaq and Acer. Due to the continuous cut throat competition among these PC giants the Indian PC market is flooded with a wide range of desktop computers.

List of leading Desktop computer brands in India

Hewlett Packard

Currently HP is the leading desktop compute brand in India. Offering a host of desktop computers to match the needs and requirements of the Indian masses HP has managed to retain the top slot in the Indian market for the last five years. Be it for personal use office or entertainment this multinational brand manufactures a wide variety of desktops. Currently HP holds a 17.8% market share in the Indian desktop market with Dell following it.


Dell is among the top desktop brands in India. Counted as one of the most reputed desktop computer manufacturers in the world Dell has made a formidable presence in the Indian computer market over the last few years. With the set up of a new manufacturing unit in Chennai, Dell is all geared up to snatch the top slot from HP. Offering a host of stylish desktops Dell has managed to rule over all segments of the Indian society. In the current scenario Dell has a PC market share of 15.2% in India which is after HP.


Known for its slim desktop models Acer ranks among the top desktop computer brands in India. The latest introduction by the Acer Z5710 is phenomenal. Compact as it is the features of the hardware are absolutely mind boggling. Acer made a modest begging but slowly and steadily managed to grab a respectable position in the Indian desktop PC market.

Compaq Computer Corporation

Compaq has been a major player of the Indian desktop market for over a decade now. Compaq designs its desktops keeping in mind the affordability and accessibility of the Indian market. Counted among the top desktop computer brands in India, Compaq is known for manufacturing some of the initial IBM PC compatible desktops.

Last Updated on May 1, 2015