Top Namkeen Brands in India

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Initially Namkeen in India was usually made at home but with the increasing number of companies coming up with cheap and good quality salted snacks the home made namkeens were replaced by packaged ones available in markets and shops. Since Namkeens form an integral part of the evening snacks of Indians they are constitute an important part of the Indian packaged food market. India is home to numerous top namkeen brands like Kurkure, cheese balls, Bhujia and more.

Namkeen or salted snacks are a part of the snacks consumed by Indians. Since Indians are known worldwide for their tasty tangy and spicy food habits the snacks industry in India is huge is no surprise. The Namkeen market in India is magnanimous which consists of both the organized and the unorganized sectors. The unorganized Namkeen market consists of home made and loose salty snacks generally sold in small Kiranas. The branded or the organized Namkeen segment in India is increasing virtually by the day. Some of the major players in the Indian Namkeen market consist of Haldiram Foods Frito-Lay India Mc Fills. The top namkeen brands in India are generally products offered by Haldirams and Frito Lays. Synonymous with the salted snacks industry in India is Haldiram Food. Haldirams is known for its large variety of to brands that have been ruling the Indian snacks industry for over decades now. Consumers in India in a way have become accustomed to the products of this particular brand.

Products of Top Namkeen Brands in India
  • Leher Namkeens
  • Cheetos (snack balls)
  • Leher Kurkure
  • Potato Rackets
  • Nutyumz
  • Cheese Balls
  • Corn Puffs
  • Hi Protein Crispies
The Indian snack market offers around 1,000 snack items. The branded namkeen segment consists of 40% market share of the total salted snacks market in India. The market leaders that own all the to namkeen brands in India is Haldirams that has a market share of 41 % and then follows Frito Lays that has a market share of 10%.

Last Updated on May 5, 2015