Top Baby Food Brands in India

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A brand totally dedicated to babies was unheard off till a few decades ago. But today some of the largest companies in India are coming out with brands only meant for kids. These brands are creating waves in the country with their vast presence in most of the elite malls, markets and departmental stores. Even the Indian television channels are full of commercial dedicated to Baby Diaper Brand, Baby Nappies Brand, Baby Soap Brand, Baby Hair Oil Brand, Baby Shampoo Brand, Baby Skin Care Brand and Baby Food Brand!

A child's diet is a great matter of concern for his mother. Since children are vulnerable and susceptible to ailments it is very essential to ensure that whatever the baby consumes is pure and healthy. India is home to numerous top Baby Food Brands that have managed to occupy space not only in the high fi malls but also in the minds of the caring and concerned Indian mother.

Most of the Top Baby Food Brands in India are known for providing the right amount of nutrition to babies. Prescribed by most of the famous pediatricians these baby food products are generally given to the child after he/ she completes 12 months. Baby foods produced by the top brands in this segment contain the right nutritional content required by the baby and are also easily digestible by him/her.

List of Top Baby Food Brands in India

Some of the Popular Indian Baby Food and Cereal Brands are:
  • Nestle (manufactures Lactogen, Cerelac, Nestum, Nan Pro1 and Pro2)
  • Wockhardt's Farex
  • Heinz Breakfast Creamy Oat Porridge Cereal
The undisputed leader in the baby food market in India is Nestle. Most of the infant foods dominating the Indian baby food industry are produced by Nestle. Nestlé's Lactogen is among the top baby food brands in India. Available in a range of flavors of different quantities and sizes which are meant for babies of different age groups, Lactogen is the most trusted food brand in India. Apart from Lactogen Nestle India Ltd also produces a host of other baby food brands like Cerelac and Nestum. The company accounts for almost 85% of the child foods and nutrition market in India.

Last Updated on May 7, 2015