Top (Leading) Scooty Brands in India

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There was a time when scooters in India were almost on the verge of vanishing. Due to the influx of a host of motor bikes the scooter market in India was almost declining. One of the major causes of the decline in scooter sales was because of the look of the vehicle. When the automobile giants realized this they refurbished the entire product. The new product that was introduced was known as the moto-scooters. Known to be taller, stronger and faster than their forerunners these stylish two wheelers were said to be just as good as motorcycles.
Scooters have been gliding the Indian roads since the 1970's. Since the introduction of the first scooter way back in 1975 the vehicle has undergone several changes. Initially scooters were heavy and broad today they are metallic light and easy to ride.

The market share of scooters in the Indian two wheeler market is 13.4%. Since two wheelers are a major craze in India it is but obvious that the country will be home to numerous top scooty brands. The top scooty brands in India are Honda Active by Honda, Scooty Zest and Wego by TVS and Bajaj Kristal Scooter by Bajaj Auto.

The Indian scooty market over the years has managed to get quite a number of women users. Designed mostly to suit to the trendy Indian woman, scooty's, introduced by the top automobile companies in India have carved a niche for themselves in the world of two wheelers. Mostly metrosexual in their appearance these scooty's are powerful yet sleek and light weight.

List of Top Scooty Brands in India

Honda Scooters

Hero is undoubtedly among the Top Scooty Brands in India and has recently created waves with its Honda Activa and Activa 125 Aviator. These scooties are hot favorite among the college kids and are known for their fuel efficient four stroke engine and highest ground clearance levels.

Bajaj Auto

One of the oldest scooty manufacturers in the country Bajaj Auto is also among the top scooty brands in India has been creating headlins with its Bajaj Wave DTSI and Bajaj Kristal Scooter. Known for their efficient four stroke engine along with a peepy metallic body, these scooties have created a buzz in the Indian scooty market.

Last Updated on May 18, 2015