Top (Leading) Soap Brands in India

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Following are the top soap brands:


Lux, the celebrity bathing soap, was introduced to India in 1929. This soap, a Hindustan Unilever item, was the top merchant in the Indian market until the mid-1980s. Female Bollywood celebs have sponsored lux throughout the long term. It has a 12.5 per cent share of the overall market in India.

Lux soap is right now available in an assortment of sizes, going from Rs.26 for a 75-gram bar to Rs.130 for a 100-gram bar from the luxury line. There is something else to women besides what might be expected.

They have numerous unseen sides beside their beautiful face, precisely like their LUX® fine fragrance skin items. LUX ® has been offering the best of excellence and the delight that it brings to women everywhere. We urge ladies to accept their womanliness and display their magnificence in manners that go past appearances.


Dove is an American-based care brand claimed by Unilever. This soap is sold in almost 150 nations and is likewise produced in 23 nations. It was the only organization to launch a moisturizing cleanser with (1/4) milk.

This soap is extremely effective for men, ladies, and Kids. But, Dove soap is extremely famous among Indian women. HUL controls almost 50% of the country's Rs 17,000 crore soap market, while Dove's overall industry share is around 5%.


Can we say that you are irritated by your dry skin? Then, at that point, try Pears Soap. This soap is viewed as the best soap for dry skin in India. Pears Glycerin Soap has a captivating history that can be followed back to 1775 when it was created by Andrew Pears, a hairdresser by profession. Unilever later bought the brand and carried it to India.

Until the mid-1960s, Pears soap had quite recently herbal extracts for aroma. Synthetic perfume has now had its place in the market. A 75-gram bar of Pears Glycerin Soap and its variations costs Rs.40, while a 125-gram bar costs Rs.75 in the Indian market. Pears Glycerin soap is accessible in three variants. Glycerin is available in these variants.


Dettol soap includes antibacterial characteristics, which help your child avoid germs and bacteria. This is a well-known brand in India due to its antibacterial features. This soap can be found in practically every Indian home. Dettol soap accounts for 4% of all soaps sold and one-fifth (18%) of all soaps in the 'health' sector.

It moisturizes and cleans the skin. It fights microbes that we can't see with our eyes. We see many Dettol ads publicizing how one should clean up hands with Dettol to kill bacteria that we can't see. Since numerous people use soaps for beauty purposes, Dettol stays at number 9 despite solid rivalry on the market.


The Lifebuoy Brand started with William Lever's desire to wipe cholera in Victorian England. Over the previous century, Lifebuoy has developed into the world's top-rated microorganism battling cleanser and a worldwide forerunner in carrying better well being and cleanliness to billions of individuals.

Active5, a Lifebuoy patented ingredient, is found in Lifebuoy Total 10 Bar Soap. Lifebuoy Bar soap's rich, smooth foam leaves you spotless and fresh, while the advanced formulation cares for your skin. In India, it has a 17.7 per cent share of the overall market.


Was this list useful? Did you find your favourite soap on the list? If you aren't using any of these soaps, you should start using them and rating them yourself. The soaps on this list have been tried and tested. They are good for your skin and range in price from low to high.

Last Updated on September 10, 2021