Top Ketchup (Leading) Brands in India

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Pizzas and burgers have successfully managed to replace the traditional Indian dal and rice.

Till a few years back the fast-food market in India was not a very prominent industry mostly because there were fewer fast-food joints and disposable incomes. But with the growth of both these elements the fast-food market in India received a boost.

Fast food and ketchup are directly proportional to one another. The sweet and tangy taste provided by ketchup adds to the entire experience of a delicious or finger-licking meal. Thus the rise in the demand for fast food has resulted in the rise in the demand for ketchup in India.

With the growing patterns of fast food consumption in the country, the need for ketchup is also increasing. According to a recent survey conducted by Down to Earth it is estimated that Indians spend about 4,236 crores a year in fast-food centres.

International fast-food chains like McDonald's and KFC have almost found a second home in India. These fast-food chains have penetrated almost all the Indian cities and towns.

Currently, the Indian ketchup market is valued at 3,231 crores. The top Ketchup Brands in India are Maggi Kissan and Heinz. Nestle's Maggi leads the Indian ketchup market with a market share of more than 50 per cent. Hindustan Unilever Limited's Kissan follows with a market share of 45% per cent and Heinz holds a total market share of around 20% percent. There are also a host of local ketchup brands that account for the rest of the market share of the ketchup industry in India. According to industry experts, there is still abundant scope for improvement as ketchup penetration is low in rural areas. Even in urban areas, people do not consume much ketchup in the house.

List of Top Ketchup Brands in India

  1. Kissan
  2. Del monte
  3. Maggi
  4. Tops
  5. Heinz
  6. Veeba
  7. Weikfield
  8. Cremica
  9. Orchard lane

Last Updated on September 15, 2021