Top 10 Washing Machine Brands in India

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There has been a remarkable amount of change in the customer profile of the washing machine industry in India in the last couple of years. Income levels have increased at a commendable rate and now more people have dispensable income to buy products such as washing machines.

Buyers are now looking for factors like design, trends, and quality of a product rather than just the prices. Visual appeal of products has also become an important criterion in this regard.

Washing machines are no longer regarded as just luxury appliances and for the middle class, which is getting bigger at a decidedly quick pace, as well as for the youth, who holiday a lot outside India, buy expensive products, or experiment with western food.

They have become an essential part of daily lives. Changes in lifestyle have meant that appliances that have high tech facilities are also enjoying a lot of popularity now.

India's Washing Machine Industry Current Scenario

There has been a change in the levels of aspiration across India and this is evident in the Tier II cities as well. These cities are going for the completely automatic washing machines. The front loading washing machines have gained a lot of popularity in the B and C category towns in the past 10 months or so.

At present companies like LG, Videocon, Samsung, and Whirlpool occupy approximately 74.6 percent of the market. Companies like Onida and Godrej together occupy almost 6 to 8 percent of the market.

Other companies such as IFB, Haier and Panasonic are also making their presence felt in this segment in the last couple of years. Some other companies that are present in this sector are:
  • Weston
  • Texla
  • Toshiba
  • ETA O’General
  • Gem
  • Maharaja
  • T-Series
  • SVL
  • Beltek
The semi automatic segment dominates the Indian market for washing machines and has a share of approximately 65 percent with regards to units sold. However, when it comes to prices, they are being run close by the fully automatic washing machines.

With regards to zone, the northern part of India has 38 percent share of the market and the southern region has 30 percent share. The western region accounts for 27 percent and the eastern region accounts for 5 percent.

North India prefers the semi automatic machines while in South India the completely automatic ones are more preferred.

List of Top 10 Washing Machine Brands in India


LG offers a wide array of washing machines with the latest and best technology. They come in lovely colors, and modern and trendy designs. Following are the various types of products in this segment:
  • Front loading washing machines
  • Top loading washing machines
  • Washer dryers
  • Semi automatic washing machines


Videocon can be credited for creating the first ever completely automatic top loading washing machines that have direct drive technology. It has also used the same technology to come up with India’s first tilt drum washing machine. It primarily deals in Front Loading, Semi Automatic, and Top Loading washing machines.


The front loading washing machines of Samsung offer various looks as well as functions. The top loading variety has a various settings and styles for the discerning consumers. The semi automatic washing machines are known for their effective performance.


Whirlpool washing machines offer 1-2-1-2 hand wash facilities along with in built heater and 6th sense benefits. They come in different variations like the following:
  • Semi Automatic
  • Fully automatic (top load)
  • Fully automatic 360 degree machines
  • Fully automatic (front load)


The fully automatic washing machines of Onida have built-in brushes, a unique aspect, which makes sure clothes are washed just like a hand wash. These washing machines also have strong motors.

The semi automatic washing machines of Onida are competent enough to handle the regular laundry needs of the owners. It also features the in-built brush.


Godrej offers two main types of washing machines – the fully automatic ones and the semi automatic ones. The fully automatic washing machines are available in different versions like tilt open drum, top loading, and front loading.


IFB washing machines are built with German technology and have features like Aqua Energie, a device that makes it easier for detergents to operate and makes clothes softer. These washing machines also use less water, electricity, and washing powders.

These machines have smart sensors that find out any imbalance during the spin and then correct it and also make the least sound during extra insulation. They have shower and water jets in the paddles that makes sure clothes are totally soaked.

These washing machines are ideally suited for small amounts of clothes that have been worn once and have to be cleaned urgently. They also have protective facilities against rodents like rats.


Haier offers three major types of washing machines – semi automatic, top load fully automatic, and front load fully automatic. The unique selling point of these machines is 5 year warranty and near zero pressure technology. They are mainly available in two colors – grey, and white.


The fully automatic washing machines of Panasonic have a washing capacity ranging from 7 kg to 14 kg. They offer energy efficiency and water saving that is at par with the very best in the industry. They also have foam and auto load sensors and drum inlets that make loading and unloading easy. In addition to these the washing machines offer programmed wash courses and double layer doors.

The washing capacities of the semi automatic washing machines vary between 6.8 and 7.2 kg. These offer facilities such as multi pulsator, rust free body, and auto soak. They also have water resistant panels that prevent electrical faults and are compliant with RoHS.


Weston offers two kinds of washing machines – single tub washers and twin tub washers. The single tub washing machines come with a capacity of 6 kilos, fiber bodies, and 2 year warranties.

The twin tubs have washing capacities of 6.5 kilos with dual waterfall functions. They also have filter function, warranty of 2 years, and fiber bodies.

India washing machine industry growth prospects

It is estimated that by 2030 the industry will have 590 million customers in the urban areas. The per capita expenditure by that time has been calculated at INR 50 thousand and this makes India a huge market for the washing machine companies.

A study by the McKinsey Global Institute predicts that the amount of middle class families who earning between INR 2 and 10 lakh will go up to 128 million by 2025. At that time it is estimated to account for 41 percent of the population.

Normally the washing machine industry in India has continued to grow at a great rate. In 2011 the Indian market for washing machine grew at 24 percent compared to 38 percent in just the previous year. In 2011, 4.7 million units were sold.

Last Updated on January 16th, 2019