Top 10 Bicycle Brands in India

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As per the Union Government of India, the country is the second biggest producer of bicycles in the world. In the recent years the industry has experienced a commendable increase when it comes to number of exporters as well as bicycle makers.

The bicycle spares and manufacturing industries are presently well known for its standards in the global markets. Majority of the bicycle parts and components are made by the small scale companies – however, this does not include the single piece bicycle hubs and free wheels.

The large scale companies make the bicycle frames, rims, and chains. It is estimated that India produces almost 125 million bikes on a yearly basis. It is assumed that the yearly demand for bi-cycles in India is near 10 million and almost 40 percent of the said requirement is from the government due to several welfare programs.

India mostly exports bicycles to Africa and other developed countries. As far as the western countries are concerned the exports are not that much. Major companies in this industry are Hero Cycles, Avon, TI, and Atlas.

Hero Cycles have approximately 40 percent of the market share, TI has 22 percent, Avon has 17 percent, and Atlas has 10 percent. Majority of the cycles made in India can be classified to belong to the lower bracket.

Current scenario of bi-cycle industry in India

At present, the market for lifestyle or premium bikes that cater to the lifestyle consumers are assuming some importance and the definition of what may be termed as high end bikes is changing as well. Previously these bikes were available for only about INR 5 thousand to INR 8 thousand. However, the prices have now gone up to INR 15 thousand to a few lakhs because of the introduction of new brands from outside the country.

The definition of various segments is changing as well. Previously the cycles were categorized into the following:`
  • Gents
  • Kids
  • Ladies
  • High end
At present, there are several new categories such as the following:
  • Road bikes
  • Hybrids
  • Mountain bikes
  • BMX
  • Tourers

Growth of bi-cycle industry in India

The biggest proof of the growth of the Indian bi-cycle industry is the presence of international brands such as the following:
  • Giant
  • Merida
  • Trek
  • Canondale
As of now, the demand for bi-cycles in India is not at the expected level. However, the industry expects the demand to pick up at a good rate in the near future. The growth in the mass market segment ranges between 4 and 6 percent on a yearly basis and this is regarded as a sluggish one.

The lifestyle segment on the other hand has seen a compounded annual growth rate of approximately 30 percent. At present the sector has an aggregate yearly production rate of 0.25 million units but it is expected that in days to come it will take an important part of the market.

List of Top 10 bicycle brands in India


The Hercules brand is part of the Hercules Cycle and Motor Company that was established on September 9, 1910 at Aston in England. The brand first came to India during 1951. At present it is part of the TI Cycles. Following are the major products in the brand:
  • Roadsters
  • Roadeo
  • Jr. Roadsters
  • Ryders
  • Turbodrive MTB
  • CMX


BSA originated in the UK and has been in operation for almost 140 years. The brand was acquired by TI Cycles during 1964. It has also given India its first ever sports light roadster named SLR during 1975. At present it offers a wide range of products like the following:
  • Champ
  • Toddlers
  • Ladybird
  • Workouts
  • Jr. Roadsters
  • Motors
  • Roadsters

Hero Cycles

Hero Cycles Limited is headquartered at Ludhiana, Punjab and is a leading producer of bicycles and related products. At present it is offering a wide range of products such as ones mentioned below:

Kidz Zone
  • Maxim Fun Series
  • Special Kidz Bikes
  • Super Start Series
Girlz Zone
  • SLR
  • Ranger MTB/ATB
  • City Bikes
  • Roadsters
Boyz Zone
  • Hero Sprint
  • RoadSters
  • ATB
  • City Bikes
  • Fast & Furious Zone
  • Racers
  • Ranger MTB
Roadsterz Zone
  • Ladies
  • Gents

La Sovereign

La Sovereign is one of the premier bi-cycle brands of India. At present it is offering a wide range of bikes such as:
  • City Bikes – City Bikes Boys, City Bikes Girls
  • BMX Bikes
  • Mountain Bikes - Mountain Bikes Boys, Mountain Bikes Girls
  • Kids Arena – Toys, Kids Bikes Girls, Kids Bikes Boys
  • Proline Bikes
  • Accessories – Add Ons, Spares, Tools, Shimano Parts, and Style
  • Road Bikes


Apart from being one of the top bicycle brands in India, Trek is a leading name in the global arena as well. It offers a wide range of products such as the following:

  • Race Performance
  • Fitness
  • Sport
  • Cyclocross
  • Triathlon
  • Touring
  • Cross Country
  • Technical Trail
  • Sport
  • Gravity
  • Singletrack Trail
  • Dual Sport
  • Recreation
  • Dual Sport
  • Fitness
  • Urban Utility
  • Project One
  • Kids’
  • Women’s
  • Gary Fisher


Firefox opened its India operations in Delhi during April 2005. Since then it has played an important role in revitalizing the biking scenario in India with almost 30 new an international models. Its main product categories are mentioned as below:
  • Full Suspension
  • BMX
  • Hardtail
  • Kids
  • Road
  • Trek
  • Hybrid
  • Gary Fisher


Apart from bikes, Cannondale offers a diverse range of products like riders, gear, and apparel. Following are the major bikes being provided by Cannondale:
  • Road
  • Women’s
  • Mountain
  • Kids
  • Recreation & Urban


Montra is credited with creating some of the fastest, strongest, and lightest cycles ever made in India. Some of its major creations are My Track and Montra Techno. Its other products may be mentioned as below:
  • Montra 2012 Blues
  • Montra 2012 Country Titanium
  • Montra 2012 Jazz A
  • Montra 2012 Rock 1
  • Montra 2011 Techno


Mongoose offers a wide range of bikes that can be categorized into three main categories – BMX, Urban, and MTB. Following are its most popular products:
  • Rockadile Comp 24” Boys
  • Assphalt Tripel
  • Fraction


While building its products Schwinn aims to provide its users a cool and joyous experience. It has been a leading brand in the US and the world for almost 100 years. Following are the major categories in which their bikes are available:
  • Cruisers
  • Road
  • Hybrid
  • Urban
  • Bike Path
  • Kids
  • Mountain
Last Updated on April 30, 2015