Top Tooth Paste Brands in India

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The concept of toothpaste in India is relatively new. In ancient and medieval India oral hygiene was taken care of by home made and ayurvedic products. However in the last few decades the toothpaste industry in India has shown impressive growth. The toothpaste market in India can be categorized into the powder and gel market. However the gel toothpaste market has beaten the latter hollow.

Currently the toothpaste market in India stands at ` 2,000-rores. Toothpaste usage in India is very low as compared to other countries. The potential for growth is immense in the urban toothpaste market. The usage of toothpaste in the Indian cities is about 190gms whereas in developed countries like USA and England the toothpaste usage is 375 gms per person annually.

The top toothpaste brands in India include Colgate Palmolive, Hindustan Lever Limited and Dabur India. The level of penetration of toothpaste in India is 50 per cent. However the major toothpaste players in India are trying their best to increase penetration levels in the rural parts of the country which is still by far untapped.

At Present Colgate holds a market share of 52% and HUL 23%. 14.5% of the market share is shared by brands such as Pepsodent, Babool, Sensofoam, Cibaca, Neem, Vicco etc .


Synonymous with toothpaste in India Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited has been ruling the oral health care industry in India over years. Colgate produces a wide range of oral health care products which includes toothpastes and toothbrushes and toothpowder. The company is reputed for providing scientifically proven oral care products that come along with a host of benefits. According to a survey conducted by Brand Equity Colgate has been ranked India's Most Trusted Brand for four consecutive years.

Hindustan Lever Limited

The other top toothpaste brand in India is Close Up by Hindustan Lever Limited. This company has the credit for launching the first toothpaste in India in 1975. The brand is known as Close Up which was the first gel toothpaste in India. The brand is available in a host of flavors since then and has been relaunched quite a few times. The company has also tried to tap the rural market by launching ` 10 packs.

Last Updated on May 6, 2015