Godfrey Phillips

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Godfrey Phillips in India

Godfrey Phillips India is an India-based cigarette manufacturing company. It is one of the largest cigarette manufacturing companies in India. Cigarette brands of Godfrey Phillips have a huge consumer base in India. Godfrey Phillips in India offers wide range of products ranging from regular to menthol and it is also the first company to introduce Euro norm cigarettes. Godfrey Phillips in India is headquartered at New Delhi. This company has operating offices at 8 locations in India. The company operates with a wide network of more than 500 distributors and 800,000 retail outlets spread across India. Godfrey Phillips India registered Gross revenue ` 163277 lakhs and net profit ` 8810 lakhs in financial year 2006-07.

Godfrey Phillips in India - Cigarette brands

  • Four Square
  • Red and White
  • Jaisalmer
  • Northpole
  • Cavanders
  • Tipper
  • Igen

Godfrey Phillips in India - Contact details

Godfrey Phillips India Ltd
49, Community Center
Friends Colony
New Delhi - 110025

Email: [email protected]

Last Updated on 3/16/2011