Wimco Ltd

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A Brief Note on Wimco Ltd-

Wimco Ltd was established in the year 1923 in the name of Western India Match Company. It is an affiliated concern of Swedish Match AB. Wimco Ltd and is engaged in manufacturing and trading of safety matches, salt, packaging machines, and processing foods and fruits. The two major brands of Wimco Ltd which are popular in the Indian FMCG market are Home-lite and Ship.

In 1995, Wimco expanded its business into food processing, oleo-resins and fibre-boards which accounted for a capital of ` 2000 million. Wimco Limited entered into a collaboration with Assam Match Co Ltd in the year 1993. Wimco has set up its units in various parts of India such as Dhubri (Assam), Calcutta (West Bengal), Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh), and Chennai (Tamil Nadu). It also exports its products to various countries across the globe.

Product Range of Wimco Ltd.-

Cardboard matches:
  • 40 matchsticks of 42mm/matchbox
  • 50 matchsticks of 42mm/matchbox
  • 50 matchsticks of 47mm/matchbox
  • 240 matchsticks of 47mm/matchbox
Veneer matches:
  • 50 matchsticks of 42mm/matchbox- Matchbox with Veneer Inners and Matchbox with Cardboard Inners
  • 40 matchsticks of 38mm/matchbox- Matchbox with Veneer Inners

Wax matches:
  • 40 matchsticks of 29mm/matchbox
  • 40 matchsticks of 32mm/matchbox
  • 50 matchsticks of 32mm/matchbox
  • 35 matchsticks of 27mm/matchbox
Contact Details of Wimco Ltd-
Wimco Ltd
1st Floor, Indian Mercantile Chambers, Ramjibhai Kamani Marg
Ballard Estate
Mumbai - 400038

Last Updated on 1/11/2012