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Scotch Brite is one of the products of 3M India which is classified into the Home and Leisure category of their varied products and services which they offer to the consumers. 3M offers a long list of innovative products and services. 3M is dedicated to make its customers daily lives better and easier. The brand was launched India in 1990.

An overview:

Product range offered by Scotch Brite

  • For Kitchen cleaning purpose:

    Maintaining the hygiene of the kitchen and keeping it free of and grease is a big challenge that we have to deal on always.

    Scotch-Brite offers smart products for kitchen cleaning purposes with regards to kitchen utensils, surfaces and other materials that constitute a modern kitchen. Below is the list of the products for kitchen cleaning purpose:
    • Scrub Pad: The Scrub Pad is extremely effective tool for cleaning kitchen utensils. It has alox and NPT technology that keeps the serving and eating utensils sparkling clean.

    • Two-in-one Scrub Sponge: A kitchen cleaning tool with dual facilities having Scrub pad on one side and sponge on the other. This product is suited for cleaning cutlery and glassware.

    • Heavy Duty Scrub Pad: The Heavy Duty Scrub Pad is a highly effective for cleaning cooking utensils. It deals in a tough way with stains. Cleans easily the tough stains of the utensils with its high alox and tough web technology.

    • Non-scratch Scrub Sponge: Ideal cleaning tool for your Non-stick cookware. The micro granules exclusively remove the stain and do not affect your non-stick Teflon coating.
    • Sponge Wipe: Suitable for the dining and kitchen spaces which are characteristic wet zones. Dining tables and kitchen counters can be maintained very well with the help of Sponge Wipe. It is made up of cellulose biodegradable sponge and provides scratch free cleaning

    • Premium Kitchen Towel: Premium Kitchen Towels from Scotch-Brite make the kitchen look cleaner and more efficient and organized. These towels have been made with 100% cotton, and provide high water absorbance and zero color bleeding.

    • Squeegee: Scotch Brite's Squeegee is the best solution to get rid of messy spills on the dining table, slab in the kitchen or kitchen counter. The Squeegee comes in the form of a flat, smooth rubber blade.

  • For Floor Cleaning Purpose:

    Scotch Brite provides several innovative products specially designed to keep your floors sparkling and shinning all the time. Find the list that offers many such products for floor cleaning purpose:
    • Scotch Brite Floor Pochha: Get rid of worries for having shinning and clean floors, all thanks to this floor Pochha from scotch brite. Its USP is its high performing Floor Cleaning Cloth.

    • Cotton Handle Mop: The Cotton Handle Map is suited for different types of floor surfaces. It has a triangle shaped head which gives more access to every nook and corner of the house. The innovative look to the product is given by the looped cotton threads that do not tear up. This gives a dual benefit of this ensures efficient cleaning as well as an extended product life.

    • Scotch Brite Strip Mop: It has an exclusive design with super absorbent strips and triangle head. The Mop is ideal for vitrified floors, besides mosaic, ceramic and marble floors.

    • Scotch Brite Flat Mop: The Flat Mop from Scotch-Brite is best suited for wooden floors. Its unique property is the Micro fiber cloth that it is made of and it offers a 360 degree access with a telescopic handle which provides the finest care for your premium floors.

  • For Bathroom Cleaning Purpose:

    Scotch Brite's varied range of bathroom cleaning products caters to the need for maintaining hygienic conditions in the bathroom. The bathroom cleaning products from Scotch Brite are enlisted below:

    • Scotch Brite Household Scrubber Brush: This household scrubber brush from Scotch Brite keeps your bathroom floor and wall tiles free of stubborn dirt. The scrubber has heavy duty nylon bristles with a swivel head which makes it easier to have sparkling and shinning bathroom floors and tiles. The scrubber brush has a comfortable handle that gives an easier and firm grip.

    • Scotch Brite Toilet Brush: Cleaning the toilet on a routine purpose is such an exercise that most people dislike intensely, due to the strain it gives to your back bones. Scotch Brite offers a unique cleaning tool and breaks off from the heavy conventional brushes used earlier. It has been manufactured from high quality durable plastic with powerful bristles.

    • Scotch Brite Premium Toilet Brush: The Premium Toilet Brush from Scotch-Brite makes the bathroom cleaning exercise as easier and strain less.
    • Powerful Bristles is the main constituent of the brush which has been manufactured using durable high quality plastic

    • Scotch Brite Premium Toilet Brush with Holder: The unique design of the brush with a holder makes it easier to handle and every corner of the toilet can be reached out with ease. For sparkling toilets, the Premium Toilet Brush is one of the best tools offered by Scotch Brite for an effortless cleaning chore.
      A rubberized grip for the handle has been given which adds to it specialty, and makes it easy to use.

  • For General usage:

    Scotch Brite has become an essential need of your daily usage, when it comes to keeping your home clean and sparkling. Scotch Brite's range of products goes from kitchen cleaning tools to bathroom to your living room, which ensures that every nook and corner of your house is clean. The wide range of products from Scotch Brite addresses every requirement at home.

    • Scratch Free Wipe: Scratch free wipe cleans from laptop screens to spectacle lenses to DVDs. The product beats off the conventional methods like using cotton cloth to wipe off dust and dirt which in actual just relocates the dust part but doesn't provide actual cleaning.
      Scotch-Brite's, Scratch-Free Wipe from is the perfect answer to this. It smoothly removes dirt from these surfaces. It has the innovative Micro-fibre technology, which has a magnet like effect that traps dirt and dust for a cleaner surface. Micro-fibre is a combination of polyester and polyamide and has an ultra fine structure. The product has a longer durability.

    • Handy Scrubber Brush: It is used in kitchen sinks and counter tops, wash basins etc surfaces. It is made of heavy duty nylon bristles; which makes your daily cleaning an effortless chore.

    • Light Duty Household Gloves: This provides an effective care for your hands which may be become rough to Routine household activities like cleaning utensils, sinks, bathrooms and toilets. The Light Duty Gloves from Scotch-Brite have been manufactured from environment-friendly rubber; which can also be used gardening or applying dye to your hair.

    • Lint Roller: The Lint Roller from Scotch-Brite is empowered with proprietary 3M adhesive and patented Polypropylene film which ensures effortless removal of pet hair and lint from all surfaces.

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