Top 10 Orange Juice Brands in India

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The current health fad has swept the nation completely and thanks to this has introduced us to indulge in hassle free choices, be it breakfast cereals, breakfast mixes or packed juices we have come a long way, as far as breakfast choices are concerned.

  • Fruit Juices have become the most apt choice, given the easiness to carry the same. Mothers are tucking the same in Tiffins, while the adults are grabbing a pack while on the run!

    People who enjoy fruit juices cannot resist the goodness of good old Orange Juice in the citrus league. Known for is high Vitamin C content, it also has nutritional properties that help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. Advanced studies have also shown Vitamin C, a component of Orange juice helps fight against Asthma and Arthritis as well. No wonder Orange Juice today finds a definite place on breakfast tables the world over, including India.

    Though each one of us will prefer a freshly squeezed version, this may not always be possible. The market today is flooded with various options to choose from. To simplify the same we have listed the Top 10 brands of orange juice available in India for our readers' convenience. The said list is compiled on the basis of its popularity and availability in the grocery shelves.

List of Top 10 Orange Juice Brands in India

1. Real Orange Juice

Real Fruit Juice, produced by Dabur India is available in two variants:
  • Real Orange Juice: This category by Real is essentially a fruit concentrate, with no added colour, flavour or preservative. Available in Tetra Packs- 1lite, Rs 90/- and 200ml at Rs 20/-.
  • Real Active Orange Juice: This category of juices are made from concentrated juices, however do not quantify the percentage unlike its competitor Tropicana. Real Active orange juice does not contain any added colour, flavour or preservative. The brand had approximately 6146 Crores of Sales in financial year 2013.
    Available in Tetra Packs- 1 litre, Rs 90/-. Approximate market share of 50% in India.

2. Tropicana Orange Juice:

Tropicana fruit juices are produced by PepsiCo. world wide.Orange juice, by Tropicana is available under two categories:
  • Tropicana 100% Orange Juice: This category has the highest amount of Orange concentrate blended with water. The concentrate does not have any artificial colouring, preservatives,
  • Tropicana Orange – Fruit Beverage: This category falls under the category of Fruit beverage and contains 45% Orange Juice. Contains added sugar, and added natural flavours, however does not contain any artificial preservatives or flavours. Available in Tetra Packs- 1lite, Rs 88/- and 200ml at Rs 20/-. Tropicana fruit juices occupy about 37% market share in India.
The brand also provides vegetable–fruit blended juices. These include Orange-Carrot and Orange Citrus Punch.

3. Minute Maid Orange Juice:

Minute Maid is manufactured by Coco-Cola in India. The Minute Maid variant consists of 100% reconstituted orange juice (with water and around 19% orange concentrate), however according to Industry standards it is more of a fruit concentrate than a 100% juice. It does not contain any added preservatives or colour. Available in Tetra Pack- 1litre, Rs 85/- and 200ml at Rs 20/-.

4. Saint Fruit Juices:

Saint Juices are produced under the flagship of Parle-Agro Ltd. This brand offers Orange juice which is made up from 100% orange pulp which is sourced from Europe, making it the most pure form available in India currently. The juice does not have any added preservatives, sugar or colour. The brand was launched in 2008, hence does not have a big market share to boast of at the moment.
Available in Tetra Pack- 1litre, Rs 95/- and 200ml at Rs 20/-.

5. Safal Fruit Juices:

Safal Fruit Juices are produced under the Mother dairy flagship. The Safal Juice category aims at producing juices with concentrates and has added sugars to enhance the sweetness.
Available in Tetra Pack- 1litre, (data on price not updated)

6. Ceres Fruit Juice:

Ceres fruit juice is made available in India by Cerus Fruit Juices (Pvt. Ltd), South Africa. It falls under the category of 100% juice without any concentrate. It does not contain any added colours or preservatives as well. Available in Tetra Pack- 1litre, Rs 80/- .
Though the market today is flooded with many other options such as Leh Berry and Godrej XS (Indian brands) and several imported brands such as Kokuzu and Mogu Mogu. These brands do not have the same availability as there other competitors.

Drinks with Orange Flavour

Since the list is compiled on the basis of popularity, we are taking the liberty of including two Orange drinks which are not essentially in the category of ‘Fruit Juices’ per say, however widely popular.

1. Minute Maid Pulpy Orange:

Minute Maid pulpy orange is typically a fruit beverage containing orange juice extract along with fruit. Since it is a fruit beverage it contains added natural colours and flavours along with acidity regulators. Available as PET bottles – 400ml, Rs 25/-& 1 litre, Rs 55/-

2. Tang-Orange Instant Fruit Drink Mix:

Tang Orange is available as a fruit drink mix and is non-carbonated. The water can be mixed with the mix as required. Available as Sachets (40gm), Rs 4/ & Packs -200 grams, Rs 35/-, 500 gm for Rs 80/- and 750 grams for Rs 115/-
Having so many options available may be confusing, however make a prudent choice as per the taste (sweet to bitter) and your budgets, and have a healthy start to your breakfast!

Last Updated on : April 30, 2015