Top Chocolate Brands in India

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If people thought that chocolates were just restricted to kids think again. According to a recent study conducted by a major chocolate brand in India the major consumers of chocolates apart from kids are teenagers and people between the age of 15 - 35. Chocolates which were considered expensive once have now become affordable by one and all. Most of the chocolate brands in India produce chocolates in different sizes that are priced according to their sizes. Chocolates like Diary Milk and Five Star can be got for just Rs 10.

Chocolates in India are slowly and steadily substituting the mithai or traditional Indian sweets. Due to the increasing levels of social consciousness people prefer gifting well wrapped chocolate packets rather than sweets on occasions and festivals. Taking advantage of this situation the top chocolate brands in India are now concentrating on the packaging and are introducing well packaged chocolates for specific occasions.

Initially chocolates were just limited to a few flavors caramel and milk chocolate till recent years when the introduction of dry fruits in chocolates created waves in the chocolate industry in India. Even dark chocolate which was not widely available in the Indian subcontinent till some time back has started gaining ground in the Indian chocolate market.

Top chocolate companies and brands in India


Amul is part of the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Limited (GCMMF), which is the biggest organization in the domain of food product marketing in India.

The company procures 13 million liters of milk on a daily basis in the peak period and has 16,117 milk cooperative societies that are based in villages, 3.18 million members who produce milk, and 17 member unions that cover 24 districts. In 2011-12 its aggregate turnover was 2.5 billion US dollars.

Amul chocolates are available in various forms such as the following:
  • Amul Fruit ‘n’ Nut Chocolate
  • Amul Bindass
  • Amul Chocozoo
  • Amul Fundoo
  • Amul Milk Chocolate
These are available in several flavors like orange, milk, and chocolate.


Cadbury was established originally in UK during 1824 by John Cadbury. The company is presently owned by Mondelez International. It is among the two biggest global chocolate brands along with Mars and its head offices are at Uxbridge, London. Right now it operates in more than 50 countries across the world.

Mondelez International is one of the biggest brands in the world when it comes to chocolates, candies, and biscuits. It is also one of the top two manufacturers of gums in the world. The company has many billion dollar brands like the following:
  • Jacobs
  • Oreo
  • LU
  • Tang
  • Milka
  • Trident
  • Nabisco
It operates in more than 80 countries with staff strength of 100,000. In 2011 the company earned estimated revenue amounting to almost 35 billion dollars. Its stocks are traded on NASDAQ.

Its top chocolate products available in India are as follows:
Bournville: Bournville is a dark chocolate bar. The chocolate derives its name from a synonymous model village in Birmingham. It is primarily manufactured in France.

Crunchie: Crunchie is a chocolate bar and comes with a honey laced sugary center. The product is available in several sizes such a snack size, which is basically a small cube like variation, and the king size. The single serve bar is the most commonly available version and comes with a length of 7 inches, width of an inch, and depth of 3/4th of an inch.

Dairy Milk: Dairy Milk is a milk chocolate brand made by Cadbury. Every product in this line is created only with milk chocolate. It was launched during 1905 in the UK.


Nestle is one of the top names in the world when it comes to nutrition, wellness, and health. The organization was established by Henri Nestle at Vevey, Switzerland during 1866 and its head offices are located over there. It has approximately 280,000 staff members and operates in nearly all countries in the world.

Its leading chocolate products in India are as follows:

Kit Kat: Created originally by Rowntree’s based in York, England, Kit Kat is produced on a global scale by Nestle that had acquired the company during 1988. Kit Kat is a wafer biscuit bar covered in chocolate.

Every bar is made up of fingers that contain 3 layers of wafer that are covered by chocolate on the outside. Each bar can be eaten separately. Kit Kat bars with only one finger are fairly popular as well.

Milky Bar: Made by Nestle, Milky Bar is composed of white chocolate. It is also available in the following countries in addition to India:
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • New Zealand
  • Spain
  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom
  • Kuwait
Nestle Crunch: Nestle Crunch, a Nestle product, is made from crisped rice and chocolate. It was launched during 1937. In addition to Nestle Crunch, Nestle also produces related products and the ingredients they are made from may be mentioned thus:
  • Buncha Crunch – crisp rice and milk chocolate
  • Dark Nestle Crunch with Caramel - dark chocolate, caramel, and crisp rice
  • Nestle Crunch White – white chocolate
  • Nestle Crunch Stixx – candy crème, and wafers
  • Nestle Crunch Ice Cream Bars – ice cream, crisp rice, and milk chocolate
  • Nestle Crunch Dark Stixx – dark candy crème and wafers
  • Nestle Crunch with Caramel – milk chocolate, caramel, and crisp rice
  • Nestle Crunch Crisp – chocolate crème, and wafers
  • Nestle Crunch with Peanuts - milk chocolate, peanuts, and crisp rice
  • Nestle Crunch Cereal – chocolate, wheat clusters, and crispy rice

Ferrero Rocher

Since its launch in India, Ferrero Rocher is also among the popular chocolates across the country. It is famous for its unique taste defined by its main ingredients- wafer, hazelnut and cream filling coated with a chocolate shell.

Mars Chocolate

Mars chocolate bars and other products are manufactured Mars Chocolate, which is owned by Mars Incorporated and based out of Mount Olive, New Jersey. It is among the leading chocolate makers on a global scale and operates in 19 countries with at least 15 thousand associates.

Following are its major offerings in India:
Mars Bar: Mars Bar, which is also referred to as Mars, is primarily made of caramel and nougat that are coated in milk chocolate.

Bounty: Bounty is a chocolate bar made by Mars Incorporated and sold all around the world with certain places in the US being the only exceptions. It is covered in either milk chocolate or dark chocolate and has a coconut filling.

SK Industries

SK Industries, a sister organization of the Mahak Group of Companies, was incorporated in 1991 and its head offices are at New Delhi. The company specializes in making, importing, and exporting a diverse range of confectionery products under the following brand names:
  • Jelly Belly Fruitjel – jellies
  • Frugurt – fruit yogurt
  • Star Fruitjel – jellies
  • Funchoos – lollipops
  • Milk-N-Nut – soft nougat bar
The company employs between 100 and 500 people and its yearly turnover has been estimated at INR 50 to 100 crore. Choc On, its chocolate brand, is a nougat bar available in chocolate and caramel flavors. It is also available as a coconut bar with chocolate flavor.


Campco boasts of one of the larger chocolate factory in South East Asia, and with the help of the Indian government, as well as Kerala and Karnataka state governments, has created a special place for itself in the Indian market. Its leading chocolate based product Turbo is made from creamy chocolate that is filled with nougat.

Other chocolate brands available in India
Libertin: Produced by Ivory Gull Industries, Libertin is a plain milk chocolate bar.

Safari: Safari comes with a chocolate flavored coating that contains a center made of almond and caramel nougat. It is made by Gandour.

Tofi Luk: Yet another Gandour product, Tofi Luk basically comprises biscuit bars that are covered in chocolate and caramel.

Chocolate industry of India present scenario

Factors like modern trade, increasing levels of income among the middle class, economic liberalization, and present macroeconomic situations have been major contributors to the prominent status enjoyed by the top chocolate brands in India.

Rajesh Ramanathan, the Director of the HR division at Cadbury Kraft Foods, states that the per capita consumption of chocolate has gone up to 110 to 120 gram as compared to 40 gram during 2005. He says that there are further chances that the usage of these products will go up in the future.

The consumer demand for chocolates has only been increasing in the last few years and this has led to a greater number of companies venturing into the Indian market. In the last 64 years, the market has been led by Cadbury Kraft Foods.

The industry is presently valued at INR 3200 crore and 70 percent of the market is in Cadbury’s control. Nestle is a distant second with 20 percent share and the remaining companies together take up 10 percent of the available market.

Mahesh Joshi, who heads the marketing and business development segment of Choco a la Carte, says that the chocolate industry in India operates at various levels. It is inclusive of the big brands like Cadbury, and Dairy Milk as well as the smaller manufacturers, importers, and retailers. There are several people who make chocolates in their homes as well.

Innovation and diversification are presently the key aspects of the industry and all the leading companies are trying their best to be successful in this regard and thus add to their existing customer base. The chocolate designer of Chocolatier-The Chocolate Boutique, Sanjiv Obhrai, has stated that adapting the products as per local culture is an important part of the innovation process.

The population of India is such that it presents several ways for international chocolate companies to come here. The regulations too are good enough for international companies to come and operate here. The immense focus on education over here means that international companies can come and employ local talent to operate their business efficiently. Ramanathan feels that the presence of all these means the international companies are unable to ignore India as a viable business destination.

A Lebanon based chocolate brand named Patchi has more than 300 stores across the world. It opened a store in Delhi during 2007. The manager of the Delhi operations of Patchi, Meenal Babbar says that there is virtually no competition between the Indian and international chocolate companies since the customer bases for both are different. She feels that people who look for international options possess a lot of buying capacity and look for quality.

When it comes to the problems being encountered by the international brands in India, Babbar opines that the market is price sensitive, which restricts a product’s appeal in case the price is conceived to be higher than one’s capacity. The fluctuations in exchange rate also pose problems in this regard. To illustrate her example she says that Patchi products cost less in Dubai than in Delhi.

Last Updated on 11/23/2012