Andhra Bank Online Banking

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The trade name of Andhra Bank online banking is AB INFI-net Banking. The bank allows its valued customers to conduct financial transactions through a secure website. Andhra Bank Internet banking enables clients to electronically access the bank from any computer linked to the World Wide Web.

Transactional and Non-transactional

The Andhra Bank Net banking sphere encompass both transactional and non-transactional procedures. The transactional procedure involve a comprehensive range that includes paying an utility bill, SWIFT cash transfer and others. Electronic bill presentation and payment is also possible in AB INFI-net banking.

Other financial transactions like a loan application and its consequent repayment may also be conducted over the Internet. Investments like shares and commodity positions may also be taken online.

Non-transactional procedures may also be conducted through Andhra Bank online banking. Bank statements are sent electronically by the bank. All banking processes are subject to approvals by multiple levels of authority. Both transactional and non-transactional bank procedures enjoy the support of a number of users who monitor the transaction. Personal financial management support is also given.

PIN usage

Andhra Bank online banking is protected from unauthorized users by the usage of a Personal Identification Number (PIN) system. The PIN is dispatched to its user or owner by physical post. This number is sent in a separate post that is not conjoined with any other banking interface. This is done to maintain privacy. Internet transactions that involves Andhra Bank is conducted through a web browser employing SSL secured transactions. Digital certificates are issued to guarantee against cyber misuse.