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The founder of Andhra Bank was the eminent freedom fighter and a versatile genius, Dr. Bhogaraju Pattabhi Sitaramayya. Andhra Bank was registered on 20th November 1923 with the business commencing from 28th November 1923. The paid up capital with which the operations were started were ` 1.00 lakh and the authorized capital was ` 10.00 lakh.

Technology Initiatives of Andhra Bank

  • All Andhra Bank branches are under CBS
  • Online Tax payment (eTax) has been launched along with Internet Banking (Retail as well as Corporate)
  • Customers are able to receive SMS Alerts on their Mobile Phones. As on 30th September 2009, 7.53 Lakh customers have been registered to avail this facility
  • Customers can request for balance, mini-statement, cheque status, etc through SMS-pull facility
  • Customers can indulge themselves in online trading via M/s Religare
  • The number of ATMs increased to 798 as on 30-09-2009.
  • Number of ATM/Debit Cards issued by the bank increased from 35.4 Lakhs as on 31-03-2009 to 45.52 Lakhs as on 30-09-2009
Andhra Bank has a package of loans to offer to its valued customers. Andhra Bank loans are disbursed through its wide branch banking network. All Andhra Bank loans are given after following strict procedures as dictated by the RBI. All Andhra Bank loans are characterized by competitive interest rates.

Andhra Bank Loans

The Andhra Bank loans are given in the following broad categories: Educational, Automobile, Contingency loans, and housing loans. Andhra Bank Corporate loans are also granted. Loans are also given to small and medium enterprises.

Corporate Loan

The Andhra Bank loans can be broadly divided into 3 types: retail loans, corporate banking, and agriculture loans. Corporate Andhra Bank loans can be subdivided into:
  • Export and Import Finance
  • Sub BMPLR Finance
  • Advance against Shares
  • Advance to Real Estate Developers
  • Bridge Loans
  • Project Finance
  • Non Fund Based Limits
  • Takeover Accounts
  • Working Capital Loans
  • Bill Finance
  • Foreign Currency Loans
  • Advance against Rent Receivables
  • Term Finance
  • Corporate Loans
  • Infrastructure Project Finance

Retail Loan

Andhra Bank retail loans are given to individuals. The loan amount granted depends upon the nature of the scheme as well as the financial health of the borrower. Andhra Bank Student loans are given after keeping certain assets as collateral. The list of Andhra Bank retail loans are:
  • Andhra Bank Nightingale for nurses
  • Andhra Bank Doctor Plus for medical practitioner
  • Andhra Bank Dr. Pattabhi Vidya Jyothi for educational funds
  • Andhra Bank Vanitha Vahan exclusively for women who wish to purchase a vehicle.
  • Andhra Bank Personal Loan to meet any credit requirements of any person.
  • Andhra Bank Vehicle loans for purchasing 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler vehicles
  • Andhra Bank Clean loans to meet cash requirements.
  • Andhra Bank Mortgage loans for loan against property.

Andhra Bank Financial Results

Financial performance of Andhra Bank as on September (Q2) 2009

  • Net profit surges up to ` 274 Crore, growing by 70%. This was over ` 162 Crore in the corresponding period in 2008.
  • The gross business improved to ` 1,10,460 Crore, up by 27%.
  • Operating Profit was up by 63% and touched ` 453 Crore
  • Gross advances surged up by 32% to touch `48,182 Crore
  • CASA Deposits was 32.34% of total deposits
  • Total Deposits went up to ` 62,279 Crore, growing at 23%
  • Credit Deposit Ratio saw an improved performance to 77.70% from 72.28%
  • Interest Income amplified to ` 1,558 Crore in Q2 growing by 17.32%
  • Other Income surged up by 84.92% to ` 233 Crore, when compare with the figure of Q2 of 2008
  • Net Interest Income augmented to` 515 Crore, up by 18.94%.
  • Total income grew by 23%, whereas total expenditure was measured at 14%
  • A Net Interest Margin (NIM) of 3.14% in Q2 was achieved
  • Return on Assets (ROA) improved appreciably to 1.53% in Q2 compared to 1.12% in Q2 of previous year.
  • Cost to Income ratio was bettered to 39.45% from 50.27%.
  • Gross NPA to Gross Advances condensed to 0.83% from 1.03%
  • Percentage of Net NPAs to Net advances improved to 0.16% from 0.24%
  • Coverage Ratio is 83.66%
  • CRAR improved to 14.03% (as per Basel-II norms)

Brief performance of Andhra Bank

  • Bank has been following the Basel II norms
  • The percentage of Standard Assets to Gross Advances went up to 99.17% as on 30.09.09 as compared to 98.97% of the previous year.
  • Gross NPA was `398.36 Crore
  • Gross NPAs as a percentage to Gross Advances was 0.83% (30.09.2009) against 1.03% of 30.09.2008
  • Net NPAs are valued at` 75.20 Crore, representing mere 0.16% of Net Advances, an improvement of 0.08% over 2008
  • The delinquency ratio is 0.23% as on 30-09-2009
  • Provision Cover for NPAs for Q2 was 83.66%

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