Vijaya Bank Loans

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Vijaya Bank is a premier commercial bank in India. This nationalized bank has its headquarters in Bangalore. The bank offers a host of value added loan products for its customers.

Loans and advances from Vijaya Bank bank are extended under the following schemes.
  • Retail Lending Schemes
  • Facilities for minority communities
  • Loans extended against securities
  • Special schemes meant for women
  • Facilities, which are non fund based
  • Government sponsored schemes
  • Advances to agricultural sector and others
  • NRI loan schemes

Vijaya Bank Home Loans

Vijaya Bank Home Loans are available for the purpose of construction or acquisition of houses or flats. These loans are also available for the renovation or repair of existent houses and flats. Customers can also buy plots with the help of Vijaya bank housing loans and access it to a whole lot of other related uses.

The lower ceiling of Vijaya Bank Home Loans is ` 1.00 lakh. The set upper limit of the loan for repair and renovation work is ` 10 Lakhs. Housing loans, which are lower than ` 1 lakhs are available under schemes like Golden Hublee Scheme and Swarna Jayanti scheme.

Vijaya Bank Car Loans

Vijaya Bank Car Loans are available under the loan scheme called V Wheels. This loan can be availed for purchasing brand new cars or two-wheelers. Vehicles financed through this Vijaya bank loan scheme can be used for business, private or professional purposes. V Wheels financing scheme is also available for buying used cars or two-wheelers, provided they are five years old at the maximum.

Vijaya Bank Education Loans

Vijaya Bank Education Loans are available for students, who are Indian nationals. For accessing this loan the applicant needs to secure an admission to an Indian or an Overseas university. The selection process ought to be a merit based one. Loan is provided for some specified technical or professional study courses only.

The upper loan ceiling for the Vijaya Bank Education Loan scheme for studying abroad is ` 20.00 lakhs. The comparable figure for studying in India is ` 10.00 lakhs. A detailed list of institutions and courses for which educational finances are available is provided by the bank.

Vijaya Bank Loan schemes are also available for purchasing consumer durables as well as for meeting the short term credit needs of customers. Customized schemes for women entrepreneurs,transport operators, defense personnels, teachers, NRIs to name a few are also on the offering from the bank.

It may be noted that, there exists a host of terms and conditions attached with all types of Vijaya Bank Loans.

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