Bank of Rajasthan Limited Online Banking

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Bank of Rajasthan Limited is a leading Indian private sector bank. The bank provides high-tech user-friendly services to its customers. Bank of Rajasthan Limited Online Banking services are fast, easy and secure.

Bank of Rajasthan Limited offers Credit Card e-Banking products, Debit Cards and ATM Cards among its net banking services. Two other Bank of Rajasthan Limited Online Banking services are Online share trading options and On Line reservation of railway tickets.

The bank's customers can buy rail tickets from the comfort of their office or home, at the click of a mouse. This saves a considerable amount of time and energy.

Bank of Rajasthan Limited has as many as 463 online branches dedicated to customer service.

The bank provides its customers with a whole lot of important information relating to various issues connected with Internet Banking.

Bank of Rajasthan Net Banking is an extremely secure affair. The bank's website uses a Verisign secured version. Customers are advised to select the correct URL while accessing Bank of Rajasthan Net Banking services. Customers also ought to look out for the SSL lock sign at the concerned web page. Internet banking customers, of the bank, are advised to regularly check transaction history.

The bank's customers accessing its online banking services need to first ensure the activation of their passwords. Some password protection rules endorsed by the bank are listed below.

  • Customers are advised to refrain from using passwords, which are related to personal data
  • Passwords ought to be changed at regular intervals
  • A password ought to possess atleast six characters
Customers can login to Bank of Rajasthan Online Banking servives via [email protected] Service. This option exists at the bank's home page. The systems requirement for accessing Bank of Rajasthan Net Banking services is a Java Enabled computer and an Internet explorer with atleast a 6.0 version or any higher version.

Thus, in conclusion, it may be said that, since the bank uses a secure and certified technology platform the customers accessing the online banking facilities of the bank are assured about the safety of the financial transactions conducted via the Bank of Rajasthan limited Internet Banking interface.