Chinatrust Commercial Bank Ltd. Online Banking

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The Chinatrust Commercial Bank Ltd. Online Banking services are of exemplary quality. The Taiwan based global bank employs state-of-art technology for ensuring the maximum possible security to customers during online bank transactions.

In fact, Chinatrust Commercial Bank Ltd., has won awards for its high tech online banking security procedure. In particular, Chinatrust Commercial Bank Ltd has developed a patented "OTP verification system". This verification system makes use of the customer's mobile phone.

OTP verification system from Chinatrust Commercial Bank Ltd makes use of a particular e-Code generation procedure, which is online. There is a plug in facility acting as a SMS gateway. This is meant for mitigating the 'man in the middle' and "phishing" type of attacks. The system makes use of two different channels for the transaction of data, offline and online.

This Internet security system pioneered by Chinatrust Commercial Bank Ltd., aims at optimizing the hardware already in possession of the customer. This online security system is a marked improvement over the standard " two-factor authentication models".

Chinatrust Commercial Bank Ltd Internet Banking provides its USA based customers with a 'download center service'.

Various forms are available via this service. Some of them are listed below.
  • Application Form for Internet Banking Services
  • Customer Request Form
  • Letter of Authority for I-Account
  • Money Transfer Form
  • Agreement and Application form for LC Issuance
Some mandatory information provision areas exist for the customer in the "Application Form for Internet Banking Services". They include the following items.
  • Name of applicant
  • Address of applicant
  • Phone number of applicant
  • E-mail of the applicant
  • List of requested services
  • I-key delivery address
  • User Code
  • Memorable word
It may be noted that the "memorable word" need to contain at the minimum eight characters. Normally the bank provides the customer with his password via e-mail.

There exist a separate application proforma for accessing Chinatrust Commercial Bank Ltd Internet Banking services for the corporate client.

Another important point for Chinatrust Commercial Bank, Ltd. Online Banking is that, the bank customers accessing Chinatrust Commercial Bank Ltd Net Banking services can change the bank provided passwords after the first use.