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Bank Of India ATM: If you are ever short on cash, don't worry at all, just walk over to the nearest Bank Of India ATM, insert your card into the card reader, respond to the prompts on the screen, and within a minute you walk away with your money and a receipt. The story of the humble cash-dispensing machine started around three decades back. In India, HSBC set the trend and set up the first ATM Machine here in 1987. Since then, ATMs have become a common sight in many of our metros. With more than 800,000 machines worldwide, ATMs have made hard cash just seconds away all throughout the day at every corner of the globe.

ATMs allow you to do a number of banking functions - such as withdrawing cash from one's account, making balance inquiries and transferring money from one account to another - using a plastic, magnetic-strip card and personal identification number issued by the financial institution.

Bank of India's Multi Branch Banking (MBB) network and off site Automated Teller Machine (ATM) were inaugurated at Shri Ganapathy Nursing Home, Ganapathy. There were plans to open five more in and around Coimbatore soon, according to a bank release.

The bank has 65 branches in Coimbatore Zone and all these branches were fully computerized. Of these 35 were connected to the 750 branches located in different parts of the country.

Bank of India opened an ATM at its Kurichi Industrial Estate branch premises. This is the third ATM of the bank in the city.

Banks In India have started introducing Biometric Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) as it seems to be an effective way of preventing PIN theft and is also a channel to expand a bank’s reach to the rural & illiterate masses, according to Banknet India’s Report on Indian ATMs.

The Bank Of India ATM services are provided all over India. There are numerous Bank Of India ATM counters spread across India. So where ever you are you have a Bank Of India ATM ready for you nearby.

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