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The Petrochemical industry is relied on to produce the fuels we use to get to work, heat our homes, deliver food to our grocery stores and so much more. But volatility in this market requires an increased efforts in handling on operational efficiency.

Petroleum Industry, being one of the booming industries in India, is most likely to grow by the end of the current financial year. As per the report of P. P. A. C. (Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell), the demand of the different products of petroleum grew by around 4.4 % per year.

Presently, the country has got a capacity of refining approximately 144.35 million tones of petroleum in a year, which is expected to touch 240 million tones in the coming financial year of 2011 – 2012. To be specific, by the middle of the next financial year. This in turn is expected to boost up the petroleum products exportation from the nation. To name the three main public sector petroleum companies in India are:
  • Bharat Petroleum Corporation
  • Hindustan Petroleum Corporation
  • Indian Oil Corporation
Communication Sector in India
The network of communication or telecommunication forms the third biggest industry in the global economy. Apart from that, this growing industry is said to be the 2nd biggest emerging economy among the different Asian countries. The telecommunication industry comprises off the following broad categories:

  • Broadcasting
  • Fixed Telephone
  • Internet
  • Mobile Telephone
  • Telephone
Nowadays, Indian communication industry is mainly dominated by several private players, which have got a total share of about 87.9 % of the total sector. During last February, more than 20.2 million subscribers joined the industry that resulted in the attainment of around 791.38 million mobile phone subscribers in the country. According to the varied researches, the total figure of mobile phone users is expected to reach about 900 million by the next year ending.

Usage of Communications in the Indian Petroleum Sector
India's communication industry has showed almost a consistent growth rate of about 14 % per year in the global market. However, as far as the domestic market is concerned, this sector has grown at the rate of approximately 19 %. The petroleum industry of this country has got a huge contribution in this growth rate. The manufacturing of different kinds of devices like telephones, mobile phones, pagers as well as varied kinds of computers such as palmtops, laptops, desktops etc., which are extensively used for communication requires the wide usage of petroleum products or petrochemical products. The managers of the petrochemical industry are in high requirement of equipments of radio communication. Especially, in risky areas or areas with extreme temperatures, they need to pay attention to those radio communicating devices for their safety reason. Atex is one such device of radio communication, which is intended to be used in situations that have got high potential of explosion like the industry of petrochemicals. Such kinds of products as well as other communicating devices, which are widely used in the petroleum or petrochemical industry in the country, are manufactured, keeping in mind that those equipments need to be operating even in highly hazardous environments. Thus, these varied devices of communication are used by the petroleum industry to ensure safety and security to the people working in hazardous conditions.

Last Updated on 12/23/2011