Petrochemicals in Transportation

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Petrochemicals in transportation have been increasing in the area of railways, roads, and airplanes. All 3 industries use petrochemicals and are accounting for the growth of the petrochemical industry as well.

With the usage of petrochemicals in transportation sector, many benefits are being seen. With petrochemicals becoming a core area of development in the transportation sector, costs have been decreasing. The use of petrochemicals in aeroplanes, buses, trucks, cars, and bikes include the use of synthetic rubber for tires and also usage of petrochemical based plastic.

Synthetic rubber is derived from natural gas and petroleum. Synthetic rubber is more flexible and durable, thus, can serve the purpose of resisting great speeds, wear and tear due to friction. The chief petrochemicals products used in the transportation sector are kerosene type fuel, naphtha type fuel, synthetic rubber tires, and petrochemical based plastic.

The main goal of the petrochemical industry is to add value added features like attractive colors, light, or cruiser weight vehicles, splendid designing, aerodynamic looks, durability, flexibility, increased speed, and more space. The aeronautical industry has been able to increase more efficiency of the airplanes due to the use of pharmaceuticals.

Automobiles are becoming more aerodynamic and lighter. The assembling time is shorter and the usage of fuel is low. There is great scope for the use of petrochemicals in the aviation industry, automotive industry, and the railways.

The petrochemicals industry is definitely making its presence felt almost having a parallel growth along with the transportation industry. The use of petrochemicals in transportation involves the manufacturing of high value and quality products at globally competitive prices. To cater to this the petrochemicals industry is focusing on main areas like:

  • Synthetic fiber industry-using modern technology and upgradation
  • Plastic processing- modernization and technological upgradation, utilizing economies of scale

As such, the petrochemical industry is competing with the petroleum industry andIndian vehicles are using a lot of petrochemical based fuels which is processed much faster economical as well.

Petrochemicals in transportation have ultimately benefited the consumer and have made life significantly easier for the manufacturers of automobiles and aircrafts.

Last Updated on 13 December 2011