Petrochemical applications in Industries

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The different petrochemical applications in industries are the key factors of the growth in this sector. The future brings more and more potentials for the petrochemical industry as a supplier of basic materials.

The petrochemical industry inIndia is growing and so is the extent of petrochemical applications in industries. It has become one of the important manufacturer and exporter of petrochemical intermediary products. These products are used for the manufacturing of a variety of end users products.

Ethylene is one of the major products which is a colorless gas with very little odor. It is used for the manufacturing of ethylene glycol, used in products like styrene for synthetic rubber, polyethylene plastics, anti-freeze for cars, latex paints, textile fibers like Rayon, Orlon, and Dacron. It is used to make vinyl plastics, cellophane, and solvents.

Propylene is used for the manufacturing of epoxy glue, rubbing alcohol, acrylics.

Butadiene is used for the manufacturing of synthetic rubber for hoses, plastic pipes, carpet fiber, paper coating, trucks, and car tires.

Benzene is used for the manufacturing styrene which is used as a basic material for polystyrene plastics and also used for making phenol for phenolic resins. In the liquid form the phenolic resins are used in bondind of plywood. In the solid state it is used for making non-conducting plastics for electronic appliances assembly. It is also used for making epoxy resins, glues, other adhesives, and paints.

Toluene is primarily used for making explosives, gasoline, additives, and solvents.

Xylene is used for making synthetic fibers and plastics. It is also added to a variety of gasoline to enhance its octane number which is used as a high octane fuel for cars to boost up power during races.

The synthesized gas is used for making methanol and ammonia. Methanol produced is used to make formaldehyde. It is also used for making silicone rubber for caulking, plastics, polyester fibers. Ammonia is used to make ammonium nitrate, a common fertilizer used in agriculture.

Many industries use these products to manufacture end products. For further information on petrochemical applications in industries, please search through these links:

Last Updated on 13 December 2011