Textile Industry in India

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The new age textile industry heavily depends on the synthetic fibers produced as intermediary products by the petrochemical industry.

The textile industry has been revolutionized with the synthetic fibers flooding the market. These synthetic fibers are long-chain polymers, manufactured from petrochemical derivatives. The artificial fibers industry is one of the fastest growing segments of industries internationally.

The events that have changed the practice of consumption of textile components are:

  • The Industrial Revolution of the18th century
  • Rayon's commercial success in the 20th century when it became the first man made fiber
  • In the 1930s, the textile industry was flooded with innovations which served as a launching platform for further explorations of new horizons

Synthetic fibers enjoy an advantageous position for its unique property of moisture sensitivity. These new age fibers are not hydrophilic as their predecessors.

Common synthetic fibers in the Textile Industry:

  • Orlon is the commercial name for polyacrylonitrile fiber manufactured from nitrogen, oxygen and natural gas. It is light weight in nature and shows resistance to sun damage and acids. It is widely used in sweaters and other types of clothings.
  • Dacron is the commercial name for a polyester fiber of super strength and it is resistant to wrinkle. It is mainly blended with other types of fabrics and used in a variety of commodities.
  • Viscose is a fiber made from cellulose which is treated with carbon bisulphide and caustic soda. These strands of fibers make up the Rayon. It is widely used in textile industry.
  • Cellulose acetate is another fiber which is used as a new form of fiber in the textile industry. It is another type of rayon which is widely used for the manufacturing of textile products.
  • Filament Rayon is a long, thin, continuous rayon yarn used in a variety of textile products

Last Updated on 13 December 2011