Methanol Industry

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Methanol is an organic chemical and forms an important part of theIndian petrochemical industry.

Being an organic chemical, methanol contains as its main constituents oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. Methanol is manufactured from natural gas that has methane content. The market of methanol inIndia is expected to be around ` 435 crore.

In the last few years, the methanol industry has faced a slow down as a result of which the domestic supply have been more than the demand. In 1998-1999, the production of methanol was around 380,000 ton and by 2000 it is expected to reach 395,000 ton. Around 15% of the total methanol is imported.

The methanol industry is dominated by PSUs and private industries. This is so for this industry demands a lot of capital investment for it is highly technology intensive. And so for large manufactures there is potential to set up methanol industries. Methanol is sold directly to stockists, OEMs, and dealers. Being a chemical intermediate, methanol's demand is dependent totally on the industry of end user.

The various uses of methanol are:

  • In the manufacture of acetic acid, formaldehyde, and dimethyl terephthalate
  • Used as a feedstock by the fertilizer and dyestuff industry for the manufacture of proteins that are synthetic
  • For natural gas it is used as a dehydration
  • For ethyl cellulose and nitro cellulose it is used as solvent

The major companies producing methanol inIndia are:

  • RCF in Mumbai
  • NFL in Rupnagar
  • IOCL in Chennai
  • Century Enka in Pune
  • India polyfibres ltd in Barabanki
  • GNFC in Bharuch

Methanol industry have been facing decline in the last few years. That it grows the government ofIndia and theIndian petrochemical industry will have to make a combined effort. And only then the industry of methanol will be able to rise.

Last Updated on 13 December 2011