Propylene oxide

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Propylene oxide is an important intermediary product of the petrochemical industry. It is used for many of the end use products.

Propylene oxide is a reactive liquid which is colorless and smells like ether. Propylene oxide is used in polymer production and also as an intermediate for the production of other products. It is a building block for the manufacturing of a different range of products. There are number of different technologies used in the production of propylene oxide.

Propylene oxide is mainly used in the manufacturing of various products:

  • Polyols used for the polyurethane foam(PUF) for the coatings, adhesives and sealants furniture, refrigerator, automotive industries,
  • Propylene glycol ethers for the use as solvents in resins, cleaners, waxes paints, inks, and coatings
  • Propylene glycols, even for the production of unsaturated polyester resins transportation, automotive, marine industries, and, construction
  • Propylene glycols used as solvents in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food
  • Propylene glycols is also used in aircraft de-icers and engine coolants
  • Butanediol and its related products used for resins and solvents.

Issues on safety, health, and environment in the petrochemicals industry are emerging sciences which are transforming the interests of the stakeholders. So there is a need for the upgradation in the present technologies to improve the methods of production, and proper management of waste.India has the potential to be one of the key global exporter of such compounds, with its huge growth in the petrochemical sector

Future outlook:

  • Reliable and integrated global network of supply and manufacturing
  • Superb standards of quality.
  • Strong technology for the manufacturing propylene oxide.

The major exporter of Propylene oxide inIndia:

  • Ka Fung Chemicals, Kolkata
  • Tapan Chemicals, Mumbai
  • Sreesai Master Trading, Secunderabad
  • Associate Allied Chemicals (India) Limited, Mumbai
  • Sanrad Chemicals & Essential Oils Private Limited, Mumbai
  • A To Z Chemicals, Kolkata
  • Jolly Enterprises, Kolkata, Kolkata
  • Arochem International, Kolkata
  • H. B. Chemicals, New Delhi
  • Trikoot, Bangalore

Last Updated on 13 December 2011