Cochin Refineries Balmer Lawrie

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Cochin Refineries Balmer Lawrie is one of the important petrochemical companies inIndia, with their principal business concerned with the production of polybutene. This is in fact the outcome of the joint collaboration between the Balmer Lawrie, which is Calcutta based and the Ernakulam-based Cochin Refineries.

Cochin Refinery Balmer Lawrie was incorporated in the year 1998, but due to heavy losses incurred by the petrochemical plant, within five years it was merged with the Cochin Refineries Limited. The business of the polybutene production got a blow from the very high LPG feed prices and also due to theIndian governmental policies on their implementation of various fuel efficiency regulations forIndian automobile industry. As a result the earlier high performance regarding the production of 2T oil required for two and three wheelers, by the Cochin Refinery Balmer Lawrie due to relaxed fuel emission norms of the government, failed to raise the demand in the market and soon saw a pitfall.

The Cochin Refineries Balmer Lawrie petrochemical plant was set up in technical collaboration with Chevron Research and Technology. This is again a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chevron in the United States. However although the technical knowhow has been solely imported from outside the basic design and detailed engineering facilities of the unit has been contributed by the Chemtex International and the subsidiary company inIndia, the Chemtex Engineering of India.

It has been accepted that for producing the petrochemical products like polybutene, the main ingredient used or the principal raw material required, is Isobutene, which can be obtained from the nearby Cochin refinery complex. The Calcutta based Balmer Lawrie will look after the marketing of the product and hence the Polybutene produced by the plant will be marketed by them mainly for the consumers of the domestic market. Polybutene is in great demand in the domestic market while only one-third of it has been manufactured by the three current producers of polybutenes inIndia, namely the Kothari Chemicals, Petrosene, and Herdillia Chemicals. Apart from polybutenes, Cochin Refineries Balmer Lawrie would also produce cable jelly.

Contact Details :
Cochin Refineries Balmer Lawrie
P.B. No.25
No 11/201 Cochin Refineries Limited 67
Kerala - 682302
Phone: +91-484-75907/75937
Fax: +91-484-75821

Last Updated on 13 December 2011