Haldia Petrochemicals

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Haldia Petrochemicals is the main petrochemical company in the eastern zone ofIndia concentrating on the production of naptha based petrochemical products. The polyolefins produced by the petrochemical plant is of a superior quality.

History of Haldia Petrochemicals:

The Haldia Petrochemicals is situated at the port city of Haldia in West Bengal, about 125kms from the capital city of Calcutta. The petrochemical company is a consequence of the joint venture of West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation, the Chatterjee Petrochem (Mauritius) Co. Ltd. and the Tata Group of Companies. The petrochemical products of the Haldia Petrochemicals have a flourishing international market, encompassing nearly all the countries in Western Europe, South East Asia and China. Apart from the Polyethylene and Polypropylene based products of the Haldia Petrochemicals, Processed Plastic products of the company like T Shirt Bags, tarpaulin, FIBC or jumbo bags, large width films, or woven sacks are also in great demand in the global market.

Manufacturing Units of Haldia Petrochemicals:

The main manufacturing units of the Haldia Petrochemicals are a naphtha-based petrochemical unit and associated plants. The main products produced in these units are like-

  • High Density Polyethylene
  • Linear Low Density Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Chemicals like Benzene, Butadiene, Cyclopentane, C4 Hydrogenated LPG, Pyrolysis Gasoline, Carbon Black Feedstock

Infrastructural Facilities of Haldia Petrochemicals:

The petrochemical plant at Haldia is endowed with conducive infrastructural features like the proximity to the sea, locational advantages, and the application of advanced technological methods. The Haldia Petrochemicals is well connected to all regions through a Wide Area Network and is powered by SAP R/3 ERP solution. They have been using the Spherilene Gas Phase Swing Process, imported from Basell, Netherlands and Slurry CX Process imported from Mitsui, Japan to produce the Linear Low Density Polyethylene and High Density Polyethylene. For producing Polypropylene, the Haldia Petrochemicals have been using Spheripol II technology of Basell, Netherlands. There are some developmental segments of the petrochemical plant at Haldia which facilitates the production. They are like the Application Research and Development Center and the Business Development Group.

Contact Details:

Mr. Swapan Kr. Bhowmik is the Managing Director of the Haldia Petrochemicals.
Corporate Office :
1, Auckland Place,
Kolkata - 700017,
West Bengal,India.
Phone: +91-033-22831640, 22831643, 22831645
Fax: +91-033-22831654
E-mail: [email protected]
Last Updated on 13 December 2011