Uses of Petrochemicals

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Multifaceted uses of petrochemical ranges from day to day trivial products to high range products. Petrochemical commodities start ranging as something from as mundane as plastic carry bags to explosives. If we analyze the role of petrochemicals in the petrochemical industries, we find that the petrochemical industry relies heavily natural gases or petroleum as their raw materials. Oil is one of the most important petrochemical products since it is the main constituent of petrochemicals. So, almost every item ranging from a carpet to electrical goods are made up of petrochemicals.

Synthetic (a petrochemical product) has numerous uses - it is done by refining petroleum. This is a man-made petrochemical which often serves as the raw material for wrinkle-free garments. These fibers can be further finely woven tapestry, carpets, curtains, and many other things. Petrochemical is also used as fertilizers. Fertilizers like pesticides are used to protect crops from any sort of damage and increase crop production.

Wax, also a by-product of petroleum, is used to make candles and mold various show pieces, polishes, and milk cartons.

Detergent, a petrochemical product is also used in every day life. It has been categorized into 2 types - soapless and the soapy variety. The range of soap less detergents is generally the liquids and the powders. Detergents have oils, alcohol (a petrochemical product) or petrochemicals as their ingredients.

Food-additives are another major kinds of petrochemical which are known to act as preservatives and increase the tenure of freshness of canned food, so that the freshness of food can be enjoyed anywhere at any point of time. Petrochemical also stretches itself to the production of Vitamins like the ASA (Acety salicylic acid).

Sneakers (synthetic shoes) have also got petroleum products as their content. The rubber soles are made keeping in mind that they retain the same flexibility in all form of weather unlike natural rubber which expands when cooled and contracts when heated.

The non-stick pads made to plaster wounds are also a petrochemical product. Today, the medical industry has improved its standards by leaps and bounds and petrochemicals have served as a boon to this sector.

Dyes which are very familiar petrochemical products have various colors especially the color of the ink used in the pens.

Plastic bottles are made from petrochemicals too. Polyester is used in the making of most plastic commodities. Besides this, compact discs and cassettes are made up of polyester or petrochemical oil.

Ethylene (a by product obtained by heating or distilling the oil) is the most essential constituent of petrochemical oil and is used to make garbage bags, camera films, milk crates, bags etc.

Thus, petrochemicals have enormous uses. The petrochemical products are used in every nook and corner of the world ranging from household applications to the massive industrial production taking place across the world.

Last Updated on 13 December 2011