Petrochemical Segments Overview

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A petrochemical segments overview indicates that this sector forms a vital category of the chemicals industry. The petrochemical sector is one of the fastest growing sectors inIndia, growing at 13% yearly.

Petrochemicals is an industry which is highly organized and involves only a handful of companies. In the overview of the petrochemical segments, it is seen that it is highly technology-intensive and demands a great deal of capital investment.

In the segments of petrochemical overview, the distribution is done either through distributors or is given to a company directly in large volumes. Also seen in the overview of the petrochemical segments is that the prices of these products are very volatile and depends totally on the international market. Even though the international prices are not justifiable, theIndian producers are forced to match it. The mainIndian companies in the petrochemical segments are:

  • In Kolkata the Haldia petrochemical
  • RIL industries Ltd in Mumbai
  • In Delhi the Gas authority ofIndia Ltd
  • In Mumbai the NOCIL
  • In Mumbai theIndian petrochemical Ltd

The petrochemical segments overview covers the various by products of it. They are:-

  • Synthetic rubber such as poly butadiene and styrene butadiene
  • Polymers such as poly propylene and polystyrene
  • Synthetic fibers such as acrylic fiber and nylon filament
  • Basic chemicals such as ethylene and propylene
  • Intermediates such as acrylonitrile and vinyl chloride

In the overview of the petrochemical segments, the synthetic rubber is used to manufacture footwear, tubes, and tires. The polymer by product in the petrochemical segment overview forms the raw material for plastic. In the overview of the petrochemical segments, the synthetic fibers are the raw materials for the textile industry. The basic chemicals are important by-products of the petrochemical segment overview since they are the building blocks. In the petrochemical segment, the intermediates by product is processed further in order to get chemicals of various kinds.

In the petrochemical segments overview it can be said that this industry has grown considerably but even then there is still room for development. And this growth in the petrochemical segments can be achieved by the determined efforts of the government ofIndia and the petrochemical companies.

For further information on theIndian petrochemical sector, please refer to the following sites:
Last Updated on 13 December 2011