Pharmaceutical industry

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The Pharmaceutical Industry has deep roots in the petrochemical industry as it uses many of the base material of chemical compounds provided by the petrochemical intermediaries.

The pharmaceutical industry facilitates the provision of specific products and methods for improvement in the quality of life. It has increased life expectancy and helped the general population live actively and healthily. This has led to the average longevity of people to cross 70 years. The pharmaceutical industry has also improved its stand on surgical drugs to ensure the success of surgical operations. The health and safety of the consumers are the major areas of interest of this industry.

The application of the petrochemicals in this industry is large. A large number of intermediary products are used as basic materials for the manufacturing of the pharmaceutical products. The petrochemical derivatives are used in pharmaceuticals as solvents, stabilizers, ointment base, surface lubrication agent, suppository base, moistening agent, and tablet coatings. The pharmaceutical industry also uses many of the petrochemical end products for various purposes. The use of plastic bags for blood collection and storage, storage of saline and medicinal solutions, polymer sterile hypodermic syringes for injecting medicines directly to the body, blister pack for tablets and water soluble gelatinous capsule cases.

Petrochemicals used for Pharmaceutical Industry:

  • Benzene is used in a variety of pharmaceutical products. It is the basic element for a wide array of drugs. Isobutyl Benzene(IBB) a benzene derivative manufactured from of propylene, potassium carbonate, methanol, toluene, sodium metal etc. It is a liquid which is organic, neutral, colorless and aromatic in nature. It is an important element in the manufacturing of Ibuprofen an anti inflammatory and analgesic medicine.
  • Cellulose acetate is used in the pharmaceuticals industry for the manufacturing of aspirin, a drug widely used as a painkiller.
  • Propylene glycols are used as solvents for many of the drugs.
  • Ethanoic anhydride is another important chemical used for the manufacturing of various medicine

Last Updated on 13 December 2011